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Rep. Walden joins Cronies in House to Pass Draconian Budget Cuts

Under the cloak of darkness early Friday morning,
Representative Walden and his cronies in the House voted for
budget cuts that would devastate thousands of Oregon families.
The $50 billion in cuts slash food stamps, Medicaid, student
loans and child support.
The controversial legislation ended in a 217-215 vote. The
vote finally occurred at 1:42 am after being postponed last week
because the Republican leadership was unable to drum up enough
support for the severe cuts. Over the past several days, the
Republican leadership used arm-twisting and intimidation to try
to pass its ┐robin hood in reverse┐ budget plan. Even still, 14
moderate Republicans did the right thing, unlike Rep. Walden,
and did not cave into pressure from the extreme right wing
Republican leadership. Now the process moves to the Conference
Committee, where negotiators from the House and Senate will try
to find a compromise between the two versions of the budget and
send it to both houses for up-or-down votes. Because of the
close votes (the Senate passed its version by 52-47) and the
significant differences between the bills on Medicaid and other
issues, we have an opportunity to prevail in this phase of the
Medicaid fight. Our best chance lies once again in the Senate┐
stay tuned for ways you can help.

It is important to thank Representatives Blumenauer,
DeFazio, Hooley and Wu for opposing these draconian cuts. We
hope that all of Oregon┐s congressional delegation will use the
Thanksgiving recess to reflect on the values Oregonians share
and join together to oppose any compromise that harms Oregonians
and our economy.

Contact legislators at:
 link to www.oraflcio.unions-america.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.oregoniansforhealthsecurity.org/

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