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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: New Green Issues Site

Political blogger Cheryl Seal announces a new website dedicated to arming activists with the latest environmental facts, stories, resources in the fight against corporate pseudo-scientists, global warming debunkers, and arrogant politicians..
CHERYL SEAL'S GREEN ISSUES WEBSITE There is no more important political issue today than the environment. If we blow that, then everything else is a moot point. Although I do regular political commentaries, I feel that the issue is so huge that it deserved its own website: GREEN ISSUES. the site, still being developed in terms of content, features: Environmental News - current developments, esp. undercovered stories. Action Alerts "Duck Soup": Exposes corporate "science quacks", esp. global warming debunkers Recent studies by REAL (noncorporate) scientists Recommended info sites Talking points and de-spinning for activists http://greenissues.cherylsealreports.com/ and http://greenissues.cherylsealreports.com/global_warming.html For my political rants, you can still go to Cheryl Seal Reports at http://cherylsealreports.com

homepage: homepage: http://greenissues.cherylsealreports.com