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Non corpse menus

What are other non-meat eaters planning for Thanksgiving?
Having grown up in a turkey eating family, I was often at a loss about what to serve on Thanksgiving without that corpse in the center of the table. Even now I cannot convince part of my family that it is really Thanksgiving if I serve something other than meat. I thought it might be helpful if we made menu suggestions to those new to the idea of keeping the bird off of the table. What are you serving this year? I am going to make a lovely lasagna with a broccoli bake, spicy Pakistani chick peas, a spinach and pine nut salad and for the traditionalists, a yam bake. There will be the fancy egg nog and pies for dessert as well. What about the rest of you?

3-cheese quiche 20.Nov.2005 19:51


I might make a 3-cheese quiche with onions and mushrooms to take to the family gathering. Having grown up on cooked "flesh," I haven't eaten it for years, and don't want to learn to make vegie meals.