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discussion: Woodward & the Neocons

Some thoughts. I'm interested in what others think.
It has come out that Woodward was one of the people leaked about Plame. He has had a direct connection with the whitehouse, (for example, see  http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/1118-05.htm )

A year ago I saw the BBC film "The Power of Nightmares" which pointed out that Nixion was trying to end the cold war and Cheney, Rumsfeld, & Wolfowitz were pissed. Then watergate happened because of the story Deep Throat(probably W. Mark Felt.) gave Woodward. Then they used the Ford administration to fake evidence that the russian were developing "undetectable submarines." There were no submarines but it re-started the cold war.

This makes me raise a big question: Watergate was never that big of a deal, Nixion had very little to do with it other then denying that it happend. Is it possible that Deep Throat leaked the info to Woodward to get rid of Nixion to jump start wolfowitz' "Team B"

check out this quote from Wikipedia's entry on Team B:

"In 1976, when George H. W. Bush became the new director of central intelligence, the PFIAB lost no time in renewing its request for competitive threat assessments. Although his top analysts argued against such an undertaking, Bush checked with the White House, obtained a go-adead, and by May 26 signed off on the experiment with the notation, "Let her fly!! O.K. G.B.""

comments 18.Nov.2005 12:16


"Deep Throat(probably W. Mark Felt.)"

It wasn't him. They are "outing" someone as a cover because he is obviously so close to death. The Real Deep Throat is probably still alive. My bets are on the one who is a sitting Congressman...

see this and comments


and search for Mark Felt on PIMC. I think that there was a discussion like this about 3 months ago?

And thanks for that connection to the BBC's Power of Nightmares. I have yet to see it, and that particular angle is something I was unaware of..

Yeah, Team B groups are inbuilt into CSIS as well, which has interesting 9-11 connections as well. Search back on PIMC for that...

Nixon 18.Nov.2005 12:55

he was so awful ... and it's so much worse now

Just because nobody could prove Nixon personally ordered the Watergate break-in doesn't mean we know he didn't. On the other hand, Watergate is just one quaint and relatively trivial prank compared to the wholesale election fraud going on in the twenty-first century.

CSIS, Team B, and the ongoing fascism post Kennedy Assassination 18.Nov.2005 15:21


here's what I was looking for, on Team B and CSIS and 9-11 overlaps. over and over and over the same people recycled in the criminal elite of the U.
S. since Kennedy Assassination.

9-11: CSIS (Center for Strategic & Int'l Studies) as Bush's state terror planning organ
author: 9-11 researcher

CSIS did 9-11 (with a large coterie of helpers and other organizations of course). There are so many links to them. Please distribute this widely. So learn who did 9-11, one day before the fake election...I accuse CSIS of plotting out 9-11 events for their political goals...

Their 'Team B' filled staff has a TRIPLE PART in 9-11 pre-planning, post-cover-up actions, and ongoing war profiteering. It's memberships hit all three bells. They are a major spider in this state terror 9-11 web. CSIS in my opinion is likely the coordinating committee for everything that went down on 9-11.


WMD Lies are as American as apple pie 19.Nov.2005 08:06

Team Z

Uh...the Team B thing is correct, but it doesn't really go far enough.

Team B was essentially one hardline anti-Communist political faction in the American establishment that was opposed to the "moderate" policy of Detente advocated by Richard Nixon. In order to rationalize this hardline policy, that manufactured the idea of the Soviet threat and conveniently provided a pretext to ramp up American war spending as a result. (Sounds familiar doesn't it?). This was in the early 1970s.

All this is true.

However, whipping American militarism and nationalism is nothing new. The same thing happened only a decade before the rise of Team B in the early 1960s and the mythical "Missle Gap." This idea of the "Missile Gap" was the the USA was far behind the Soviet Union in strategic nuclear ICBMs (shock! horror!) and hence there was a conveninent pretext ... er I mean ... urgent national security need to ramp up American war spending as a result.

Who was the president who promoted the "Missile Gap"?

That great liberal hero, John F. Kennedy.

Just goes to show you there is very little difference between Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans when it comes to fundamental issues of American foreign policy.

As Democrat Richard Gephardt said after 9-11, "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Bush."