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Bush Not A Liar?

Bush not a liar.......yeah right, like Tricky Dick
was not a crook.
BUSHINGTON, D.C. (Dominion of Cheney) - According to a report
by Associated Press, Emperor George II is not a liar and that he
has been totally honest with the royal subjects concerning the
war in Iraq (and Afghanistan).
In an interview on CNN (Comedy News Network) with Coyote
Blitzenschitzen, George's parrot mouthpiece, Stephen
Hadley said that the White House was wrong about WMD's in
Iraq, but also denied that George II/Chick Deney fabricated
evidence and lied to the public. "Bush presented the intelligence
truthfully about Iraq's WMD's, but it seems we were wrong. I must
stress that the rumours about Bush lying to the public are not true"
as Hadley parroted the lie on Late Edition with Coyote Blitzen-

After George II regaled the masses with his rambling tirade on
Nov. 11, other White House officials, as well as Democrats
parroted the big lie about Iraq/War on Terrorism, not to mention
the finger-pointing and blame game.

The Democrats are now publicly "criticizing" Bush, but John
Kerry would have just the same as Dubya concerning the
Iraq war/War on Terrorism. The Democratic Party is just as
guilty as the Republicans for their support for the Empire's
War in Iraq. Any Senate/Congress "investigation" into the
fabrication of evidence concerning the war in Iraq/Terror is
totally meaningless because both political parties are
incapable of telling the truth to the public.

It appears that Dumb & Dumber, hiding in undisclosed locations,
are making scapegoats of other government officials, and using
their political and religious authority to crush all "domestic
terrorism" -- or in other words, the rising opposition to the war
in Iraq/Terror.

Hadley continued to criticize public dissent with thinly veiled threats
and the phony patriotic line to try to appease the masses, and
demanding that this matter be closed because it had been
investigated with no wrongdoing from the White House.

Hadley further added that the accuracy of American intelligence
concerning the war in Iraq/Afghanistan/Terror would not change
U.S. foreign policy concerning Iran and Syria, and that the public
should support military action against Iran and Syria because
Bush has said that there is full international support for democracy
in Iran, Syria and the Middle East.
Let's play devil's advocate. 13.Nov.2005 19:25


Let's assume, just as a thought experiment, that Bush really believed the false intelligence. Where would that lead us?

Well, what if you believe that your neighbor was planning to blow up your house. Why you believe this is up to dispute. Perhaps you are a paranoid schizophrenic, perhaps you are simply delusional, or, perhaps, someone told you that your neighbor was planning to blow up your house (for example, someone who does not like your neighbor and wishes to provoke you). So, believing your neighbor is planning on blowing up your house, you gather a few friends together, get a few cans of gasoline, and burn his house down. As his family members are running out, you grab some of them, throw the in your cellar, and the rape and torture them. For a laugh, you kill some of them. Were your actions justified? If not, then what should happen to you for doing it?

you are so true 14.Nov.2005 14:26

not american stupid

i understand what you say,but their is 200 million stupid americans who dont! how can they be manuplated like they are? the news media is in with bushie ,for the MONEY....the goverment has sold your life,home,and ALL YOUR FUTURE EARNINGS!when he moves to saudia he will have NO worries, BUT YOU WILL!...........TRY THINKING AMERICA.