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Jeff 'Free' Luers birthday is December 5th and update


There has been very little news in Jeff's case these past couple of
months but we wanted to send you a brief reminder that Jeff's birthday
is coming up. On December 5th, Jeff turns 27 and this will be
his 6th birthday behind bars in Oregon prisons. It is bad enough that
Free has the sentence he has but he also loses all those things we
take for granted-like birthdays and holidays behind bars. This
time of year is not easy for any prisoner and we are asking that you
reach out, send him a birthday greeting and keep him in your thoughts
when you are home celebrating the holidays with your family-somthing
we all probably take for granted.
Every year, Jeff has told us, his support crew, to not make a big
thing of his birthdays because he would rather people do something to
fight injustice but he does really appreciate the letters and
cards. With the rainy, dismal Cascadian winter approaching with a
birthday and holidays coming, we ask that you take some time out of
your schedule to write a birthday card.

So, if you want to do more-as so many of you express to us over and
over-we will make our usual plea for finacial aid. Jeff's legal
coffers need to grow enough so we can hire another lawyer for his
next appeal. We receive some excellent legal help from overworked,
underpaid social justice attornies and would love to give them some
money. We also need to help Jeff get what he needs to make his life
inside a little bearable-like magazines, books and stamps/envelopes.
If you are able to make a donation, there are a few ways. Using the
paypal button on the website, www.freefreenow.org, is easy for many
people but if you dont have debit/credit card, you can send a
check/money order made out to 'Free's Defense Fund' and send it to POB
3, Eugene, OR 97440. We ask that you not send Jeff books unless you
ask him [or us] what books he wants. This makes sure that he
gets what he actually needs and makes sure you dont waste your money.
If you want to get a book or be on a list of people we contact when
specific needs come up, let us know.

You can send those letters and birthday cards to:
Jeffrey Luers
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310

Thanks for all your support,
Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers
Heartcheck!  http://www.freefreenow.org/heartcheck.html
Update from Jeff 13.Nov.2005 21:57


Jeff is preparing an annoucement to coincide with his b-day. I am not supposed to reveal the contents of what he has to say but let's just say he is making some serious progress in the courts. I hope you will all send whatever $$ you can and call your reps. Things are starting to happen...