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France/EuropeanUnion: The rebellion spreads out to europe!

In some nights the uprising in France took place in more than 250 cities and towns. Yesterday again hundreds of cars burned. The french government has announced the state of exception in 38 cities.
Facts, numbers and analysis on:

SZ (Süddeutsche Zeitung) reports yesterday and today say that cars burned in those german cities:
-Berlin (Berlin Moabit - low income district, very high unemployment) indymedia report on:  http://switzerland.indymedia.org/de/2005/11/36207.shtml
- Bremen (also an old school building was set on fire)
- Chemnitz  http://www.diepresse.com/Artikel.aspx?channel=p&ressort=a&id=518437
- Wismar
- Düsseldorf
- München

attacks with bottles and stones on police and fire fighters in a low-income area in germany:


since about 5 nights cars burn in Brussels. Since yesterday night cars also burned in other cities in Belgium (SZ, yahoo news.)  http://www.diepresse.com/Artikel.aspx?channel=p&ressort=a&id=518437

copy and paste from wikipedia:


On Sunday, November 6, the first possibly related incident outside France took place. Five cars were torched in Saint-Gilles, Brussels in Belgium. Belgian police considered it as an isolated case. [46] However, on Monday another five cars were torched in the region, as more were overturned and Molotov cocktails were thrown at the police. [47] In Liège, Sint-Niklaas, Bruges and even the rural community Dilbeek there were isolated events of car burning and Molotov-throwing. [48] [49] On November 8, there were fifteen more acts of car burning, Molotov-throwing and arson. New areas that were hit include Antwerp and Ghent. [50] On November 9 the police encountered conclusive evidence that the arson was inspired by the situation in France: on a torched car, the remark "Fuck you Sarkozy, Antwerp - Paris" was found. [51] In the evening, new cases of torched cars were reported. [52] [53]


A number of arson attacks and other acts of vandalism possibly inspired by the riots in France have been committed in Berlin and Germany. Six cars were set ablaze in Bremen and Berlin on the night between 6 and 7 November. In the Moabit neighborhood of Berlin, five cars were set on fire. In Bremen, a caravan (camper) burned down. Police have not ruled out the possibility that those were copycat attacks related to those in France. [54],[55]


A number of arsons occured in Viby near Aarhus in Denmark in late October and early November.[56] Store-front windows were also smashed. After a community meeting, complete with socialworkers and police, relative calm was achieved over the weekend. However, a substantial police force had to be deployed on Wednesday, November 9, to restore order after store-smashing and attempted torchings recurred. [57][58][59][60]


On Monday, November 7, twenty trash cans, five cars and a motorbike were torched in the city of Seville. Firefighters attempting to extinguish the fire were injured by stones thrown by attackers. The subdelegate of the Spanish government in Seville considered it to be an isolated case. [61] [62] On Tuesday, November 8, another car and more trash cans were burned in many districts of Seville. [63]. Also, four cars were torched in the city of Hospitalet de Llobregat. [64]


On November 9, two acts of car torching were reported in Lisbon, possibly inspired by the French riots.

. 13.Nov.2005 14:36


bad feeling about the fascist wing of france and its reaction to this here. ...

Are there any reports that anyone has seen about oddities here--like potential police setting or agent provacateur setting of these....? I suppose reports like that would have to come from the Algerian-French themselves. For instance, I read that a Mosque had been firebombed, not something that I would expect except from the right-wing French instead of the Algerian French.

Many arsons probably 'false flag' 14.Nov.2005 14:11


Wayne Madsen's site ( http://waynemadsenreport.com/) has much info about the possible 'false flag' origins of the arsons in Europe.


November 10, 2005 -- The intensity of French rioting subsided last night but not before arson spread to the Basque region of France. Four parked buses and a police station in Bayonne were firebombed. In further evidence that the attacks in France are well-coordinated with a view to ensuring that all parts of France were touched by the rioting, arson and other attacks were not only reported in the Basque region but also in Le Havre in Normandy, Belfort and Saint-Quentin, Grenoble in the Alps region, and Brest in Brittany. Meanwhile, French neo-con Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is withstanding pressure for him to resign. Progressive political parties and human rights organizations cite Sarkozy's inflammatory rhetoric as increasing the violence. The imposition of curfews nationwide are believed to have been successful in quelling the arson and rioting. However, one question remains. Sarkozy could have imposed curfews much earlier. Instead, he called Maghrebian and African youth scum and riff-raff, saying they should be "Karcherized" (pressurized water hosed). [Note: Karcher is a German firm. Its founder, Wurttemberg native Alfred Karcher, sold 1200 "hardened furnaces" for smelting alloys until 1945, including during World War II. It now manufactures multi-purpose nuclear, biological, and chemical decontamination systems for the Pentagon.] Sarkozy delayed imposing curfews, permitting rioting to spread to 300 French cities, towns, and villages. It would be very interesting to see transcripts from signals intelligence agencies of Sarkozy's international phone conversations after the electrocution of two teens in a north Paris suburb.

Update: In a mirror image of what is happening in France, Belgium's government is coming in for attacks from far right anti-immigration parties as arson attacks against cars spread to Mechelen and Ledeberg. In addition, there were more reports of arson attacks in Brussels, Antwerp, and Lokeren. Interior Minister Patrick Dewael, unlike French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, has confronted the violence with stepped up police patrols but no vitriolic statements aimed at the youth. But Dewael admitted that in Belgium, as in France, there were signs that the attacks were coordinated and were being stirred up via the Internet. Also, for the first time, arson attacks were reported in another anti-Iraq war nation, Portugal and in other cities in Germany. Cars were torched in Lisbon and there were arson attacks in a number of districts in Berlin, as well as in Cologne, Altenburg, and Chemnitz. In Portugal, the violence did not involve Arabs or Muslims, but immigrants from former Portuguese colonies in Africa. Also, arson attacks in France neared the Swiss border for the first time. Buses were fire bombed in Dole in eastern Jura, very close to the Swiss canton of the same name -- Jura.

UPDATE Nov. 11, 2005 --- A source has pointed out that Chemnitz and Altenburg are in eastern Germany and are virtually free of foreigners. The "streets" in both towns are under the control of neo-Nazi gangs so it is likely the arson attacks in both cities have been carried out by provocateurs -- either Nazis acting on their own or working for "outside interests." The largest neo-Nazi party in Germany, the National Democratic Party (NPD), has links to Islamist radical and "anarchist" groups.


November 14, 2005 -- Agents provocateurs continue to target France and Belgium. Arson continued to spread throughout small towns and larger cities in France and Belgium where Muslim immigrants are an insignificant minorities. This is a continuation of the "false flag" provocation being used to ratchet up inter-ethnic tensions in nations that refused to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Arson was reported in Belgium in Charleroi, Louvain-le-Neuve, Binche, Liege, and Brussels. Arson was also reported in Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg, and Toulouse. As predicted by WMR, arson crossed the French border into Switzerland where two cars were set ablaze in Martigny. Also, the Netherlands experienced its first arson with four cars set on fire in Rotterdam.

Nicolas Sarkozy, French Interior Minister
Nicolas Sarkozy, French Interior Minister
Paris Arson
Paris Arson