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Forbidden Text

Experimental prose, meant to act as a soothe-saying device/text-kinetics in the tradition of Joyce/mental massage/there are no riddles or coded messages in this text
Vancouver update: not much going on up north lately. A couple weeks ago I posted my last article, about unexplained recurring associative phenomena. Had some mild flu and fatigue-like symptoms for the rest of that day, and the following night. In fact, I woke up that Sunday with hangover-like symptoms, though I hadn't drank anything. A tension headache gave way to the fatigue, then later at work mild flu-like symptoms. By Tuesday I was fine though. I attributed this in part to lack of oxygen in my apartment--I had closed the windows on that Saturday night for the first time in a while.

This is experimental prose. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Jim's narrative

Allo (aloe) Jim, allo Jim now Jim kept a letter of praise Jim, the saints and Jim, simmering
Jim reminds me of green like Jim Green Joe green, Moe green so green, montana
Aloe azul blues Jim, no such Jim like a saint of praise singing like some mode of some
Letter of skin upon a perch of tidepool letters, sank through sank now, no longer
Letter oh now of some time, some time ago, making things like glass
Repeat after this: never say or stay silent, never say or stay silent, never
You see now me through to now and now we can you stay through see
Don't think it's now upon to not go through OK or something
OK or something was said upon a night of works at night of
Not of ig not of, no not of some knot of not knowing
More aggressive in terms of not knowing
These are forbidden texts Jim, such sewing Jim
No knowing Jim, a lot of like the feelings of a nice

This scheme is to the benefit of the patient. I was taking notes of the president's address, and he spoke of evil in one, two, threes, One, two, three, one two three, and so on.

There's some Jim kind of thing going on. I don't want to be silly, but Jim-jimmery. It pleases me. Jim jim jim jimmery all night pleases me to no end. Once I was stuck and Jim jim Jim.

Since it could be through end to now of but could sort through
No words could bring her around to the end of knowing
So knowing then could not be like such the thing of so many
It's inconsequential in the larger scheme of things

There's a red ball, a blue horn, a blue ball, a red dodge, some dogs
Jim like so many others eats breakfast, on top of everything
No amount of needling could bring him to the do-all see-all
Like I'm not through with going to a such now that it's gone on

Like so many others

Everything, every letter, word comes and goes like so many others, it's...
Sad, really sad that so many others come and go like words or letters
Now is the time for all good men
Now isn't the time for some kind of fear
Sometimes the getter gets us like
Gets us like, gets us like,
Sometimes the getter gets us like
Gets us like so many others, Getsus
Jim 13.Nov.2005 00:04


O nobly born,listen well : You are now in the magic theatre of heroes and demons.Mythical superhuman figures.Demons,goddeses,celestial warriors,giants,Angels,Bodhisattvas,dwarfs,crusaders,Elves,devils,saints,and sorcerers,Infernal spirits,goblins,knights and emperors.The Lotus Lord of Dance.The Wise Old Man.The Divine Child.The Trickster,The Shapeshifter.The tamer of monsters.The mother of gods,the witch.The moon king.The wanderer.The whole divine theatre of figures representing the highest reacxhes of human knowledge.Do not be aphraid of them. They are within you.Your own creative intellekt is the master magician of them all.Recognize the figures as aspects of your self.The whole fantastic comedy takes place within you.Do not become attached to the figures. Remember the teachings.You may still attain liberation.

jimmery 13.Nov.2005 23:38


and all the planets.
yes, very.
soothsaying to know end.