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Islamic Society of Greater Portland Ejects Poor from Iftar and Eid Observances

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 12(Al-Masakin) Islamic Society of Greater Portland President Salma Ahmad has demanded that poverty stricken Muslims from the Portland area pay for food at ISGP sponsored Iftar dinners. On Sunday Oct. 30, Salma Ahmad told and investigative journalist working on assignment for Al-Masakin unambiguously on two separate occasions that he was required to pay for the food in order to attend a community Iftar held at Portland State University.
Islamic Society of Greater Portland Ejects Poor from Iftar and Eid In PDF
Islamic Society of Greater Portland Ejects Poor from Iftar and Eid In PDF
At the Portland Convention Center, on Nov. 12, Ahmad stepped-up her attack on homeless needy Muslims by demanding that Convention Center security remove a homeless Muslim from the property.

Salma Ahmad claimed to be reforesting the interests of the former bin Laden associated mosque Masjid Bilal of Beaverton, OR and declined to defend her actions. Masjid Bilal of Beaverton, along with Portland's Masjid As-Saber, were taken over by the FBI and Zionist agents after 7 former members of the two mosques were convicted of establishing an Al-Qaeda training camp in the Portland area. The so-called Portland Seven were arrested after embarking on a terrorist adventure to join the Taliban in Oct. 2002. Portland Imam Mohamed Kariye (Sheik Mohamed Abdur-Rahman) of Masjid As-Saber was reportedly the Al-Qaeda agent who recruited the Portland Seven. As the case against the Portland Seven unfolded, however, the bin Laden loyalist refused to implicate Kariye.
After these events the leadership of both mosques attempted to unite with both the FBI and Israel in an effort to conceal their long term ties to Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda terror network. Through these acts of dissemblance, former and current Wahabi ideologues entrenched with both mosques have hope to escape justice and seize upon whatever opportunities remain available to them, especially as those opportunities avail the mosque leadership to wealth and continued clandestine activity on behalf bin Laden, Az-Zarqawi's Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and their Mullah Omar.

Literature distributed at the event speciously denied the connection of the Koranic word "jihad" with any form of war and even claimed: "A Muslim is that person... [who] is to take care of the poor, the needy, those who are out of jobs, and those who are homeless." The actions of the ISGP President in actual fact manipulates these Islamic concepts in the most insidious manner with the net result being the exact opposite of what the Koran require of Muslims.

After these unprovoked attacks on a poor , homeless, unemployed Muslim by this sinister individual, the correspondent on assignment asked very politely for the leadership of Masjid Bilal to reconcile its completely contradictory actions and to balance them against their past record for adhering to the Wahabist ideology. Our reported was escorted from the building by security.

Al-Masakin News Agency