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Would Lewis And Clark Sign-Off On LNG On The Lower Columbia You Think?

Not likely Many Portland IndyMediers Will Be Able To Attend This Meeting But It Will Be A Groundshaking Piece Of History That Will Likely Impact You Up There In Portland As Well.
Here we are kicking off a celebration commemorating an event that, in its
time, was an adventure on the same scale and magnitude as mankind's first
setting foot on the moon; the celebration of the bicentennial of the Lewis
and Clark expedition that virtually opened the West that we live in today.

It's sadly ironic and in lockstep with this momentous celebration that we
are about to be witness to another piece of groundshaking history that could
possibly and irreparably change the quality of our lives and the
infrastructure of this part of the Lower Columbia River region at least for
the next 65 years and that is The Public Hearing on the rezoning of the
Skipanon Penisinsula to accommodate a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Storage
Terminal to be installed under the name of Skipanon Natural Gas Facility LLC
and the control of Calpine Energy Group out of San Jose, California.

I will warn you that if you have participated in any of the previous
so-called hearings or Public meetings on this project or, yet, the other
proposed LNG facility that could be built, if this "Monster" is approved,
just a mile or so away on Tansy Point, leased and controlled by the Nygaard
Logging Family, you will see that true "Public Process" will be sorely

As a matter of fact this meeting will likely, if the past is any indicator,
be tightly choreographed and moderated by Warrenton's Mayor and the "Hearing
Speakers" will definitely be handpicked for both sides as it seems to have
been previously.

If you have never had a reason to bring you to your feet, never felt
compelled to speak out on any issue in your life, now is the time to set
aside what ever fears you might have and stand up at this meeting and be
heard, pro or con.

It is one of the most important meetings you will ever attend because our
life quality here in this place that all of us love and the lives of those
that we will leave it to are in the hands of what I personally have observed
to be five careless individuals representing a population of about 4230
people. Many that perhaps fear standing up on this issue one way or the
other. Please don't let a small handful of voices decide the future of us
all. Don't let a few people decide your future simply because you can't
stand up long enough to say yea or nay. You can, JUST DO IT !

Me personally?

I say lets stop this madness now.

We have already witnessed the carelessness of the decisions of a Port
Commission under questionable leadership on this matter.

Let's not allow these men who represent the people of Warrenton sell us out
to a bad, bad, choice.

Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 6:00pm at the Warrenton Community Center, 170
S.W. 3rd Street, Warrenton, Oregon.

Be there even if you have to stand outside in the rain, out in the streets
but, be there.

Patrick McGee

homepage: homepage: http://bridgecity.homestead.com

Lewis & Clark???? 12.Nov.2005 22:34

Mother of Sam

Two screwed up guys stumbling not into the "unknown" but the sovereign territory of indigenous people. Better to ask what other(more worthy of reverence) historical types might think...I am already getting hot and excited about some kind of wild anti-reception for the re-enacters headed our way

An Open Letter To Warrenton, Oregon City Commission 15.Nov.2005 08:12

Patrick McGee pmcgee@pacifier.com

November 13, 2005

Open letter to the Warrenton City Commisssion:

We, the undersigned, demand that the Warrenton City Commission deny the request by Calpine Corporation to re-zone the Skipanon Peninsula. Public participation, as required under Land Use Goal 1, has been totally inadequate, due to significant irregularities that occurred prior to and during the Warrenton Planning Commission meeting of October 12, when the zoning change was recommended in a 4-to-3 vote.

Lack of Proper Notification of the Public:

Members of the public who testified at previous public hearings concerning the zoning of the Skipanon Peninsula were denied the required 21-day notice prior to the meeting of October 12, and could not, therefore, adequately prepare their testimony.

Insufficient Preparation by Planning Commission Members:

Planning Commission members said they had not had an opportunity to review all the materials presented to them by the Planning Commission staff, including letters from two state agencies (ODOT and DLCD) which asserted that information crucial to the decision had not yet been provided by Calpine Corporation. ODOT asked that a continuance of the hearing be declared until the requested information was provided by the applicant, Calpine Corporation. Recognizing that they were not prepared to make a decision, the Planning Commission, early in the October 12 meeting, unanimously passed a resolution to defer decision on the proposal to re-zone the Skipanon Peninsula.

Violation of Rules of Order:

Immediately following that action, while Planning Commission members were discussing the date to continue the hearing Calpine attorney, Mark Whitlow, approached the podium, interrupted the discussion, and insinuated himself- uninvited- into the Planning Commission's discussion. He spoke for seven minutes about how "time was running out" and strongly advised the Planning Commission to ignore the state agencies' requests- contained in letters that the Planning Commission had not yet reviewed- for more information. Furthermore, after the public hearing was closed, and while the commissioners were deliberating, Mr. Whitlow walked up to the city attorneys sitting at the staff table, and passed them a handwritten note. The contents of the note have yet to be made public.

Lack of Fairness of Proceedings:

While Calpine attorney Mr. Whitlow was speaking, other members of the audience protested the procedural mischief. They were called "out of order" by the Planning Commission chair, and told to return to their seats, which they did. When questioned by an audience member, the Planning Commission chair said that Mr. Whitlow had been "invited" to speak, although no such verbal invitation had been made when Mr. Whitlow approached the podium. Following Mr. Whitlow's lecture, the Planning Commission, at the direction of the city attorneys, decided unanimously to reverse itself and vote on the re-zoning that same evening.

Ignoring State Agencies:

The Planning Commission, upon the direction of Calpine attorney, Mark Whitlow, chose to ignore requests from the Department of Land Conservation and Development(DLCD) to continue the hearing until Calpine Corporation complied with its request for required documentation.

No Independent Project Assessment:

Petitioners have repeatedly requested outside, independent evaluations of Calpine Corporations' proposals. To date, only industry representatives have been allowed to offer assessments. Public safety and fairness mandate that an independent review be completed before proceeding with a decision to re-zone, keeping in mind that our local communities stand to lose control of the development process once the decision to re-zone is made.

No Design Plans:

No design plans have been submitted. In fact, even the sketchiest ideas about what might be developed on the site are changed frequently by industry representatives. For instance, it is understood that plans for the proposed co-generation plant have now been scrapped, and at this point, Calpine Corporation has not revealed how it plans to re-warm the liquified gas.

In addition to the above serious irregularities, we, the undersigned, have many concerns about the general conduct of the Warrenton Planning Commission meetings. We recognize that members of the commission are citizen volunteers who are not necessarily well versed in the art of conducting public meetings. However, it has become increasingly clear that the commission members have received no training in such skills. In almost all facets of the meetings, the commissioners have been dependent on the city staff and city attorneys to "walk them through" the hearings and to advise- even direct- specific actions, such as making motions, seconding motions, even calling for votes. It is very difficult for the public to have confidence in the decisions made by the Warrenton Planning Commission when it appears that the entire process is being conducted, not by the Planning Commission, but by the city staff and attorneys, specifically at the behest of the applicant.

The recommendation to re-zone the Skipanon Peninsula for use by the liquified natural gas industry carries significant public safety, economic, social, and environmental consequences. Once the decision is made to re-zone, our communities will lose the ability to maintain local control over the development of the Skipanon Peninsula, and indeed, the mouth of the Columbia River. Our elected representatives must inform themselves, and the citizens, of the consequences of such industry before any re-zoning is accomplished.


These 25 and many other witnesses to the July 13 and October 12, 2005 Warrenton Planning Commission Meetings

Fred White
Marilyn Carney
Dorothy Martin
Tom Duncan

Rose Priven
Denny Page
Cheryl Johnson
Peter Huhtala

Nancy Brock
Ted Messing
Deborah Donnelly
Bob Goldberg

Susan Skinner
Lori Durheim
Jan Gregor
Samantha Duncan

Jay Kiddle
Josie Peper
Jennefer Smith
Jocelyn Heller

Karin Temple
Sue Zerangue
Del Carney
Robert Clark