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Seattle Police Kill Again

On Friday, Nov. 11, 2005, yet another person was killed by the Seattle Police under questionable circumstances. Preemptively killing people on Seattle streets by Seattle cops is getting really old. If we followed their suit, we would have to take out cop cars preemptively on the street! A person was basically run down and given the death penalty for running a stop sign at 3 AM on a deserted street. Seattle Police need to get their drag racing kicks elsewhere!
Seattle Police Kill Again
By Kirsten Anderberg (www.kirstenanderberg.com)

Last night, Seattle Police killed yet another person for no apparent reason. At 70th NE and Roosevelt Way, in the University District last night, a car of people were chased and then one of them was killed, for some macho police chase that makes no sense. Apparently running a stop sign is now cause for deadly force in Seattle. This car was NOT stolen, NO weapons were involved... the only thing that caused this was the Police behaving irresponsibly, yet again. The Seattle Police have killed SO many people in the last few years in this exact same scenario that I remember CLEARLY the local news announcing not long ago that the Seattle Police were NOT going to do these high speed deadly pursuits except in the most dire situations. The excuse on the news this morning for this was "the car was driving irratically," "when they were pulled over by police they sped up instead of pulling over," "the police THOUGHT they saw a weapon in the car," police saw them throw something shiny out of the car."

Now remember, this was in the middle of the night, so there were very few cars on the street. And the ENTIRE reason the police say they killed someone this morning, was THEY THOUGHT THE DRIVER'S IRRATIC BEHAVIOR COULD KILL SOMEONE. But the Seattle Police MADE SURE someone was killed! The Police KILLED someone this morning because that person COULD HAVE supposedly killed someone when they were driving irratically this morning around 3 am, from what I can tell. When the cops went to find the shiny thing they tossed, all they found was an empty metal container according to the TV news. And they did not find ANY weapons. And the car was NOT stolen. When the police began to DRIVE IRRATICALLY and went into a high speed pursuit, THEY endangered more lives than the original driver did. And in the end, the police were the killers too. And this is far from being an isolated incident. I am stunned how often this same scenario plays out in Seattle, honestly. And they promised to stop this behavior, yet it just played out again.

There is NO excuse for police CAUSING deaths like this. There was NO excuse for the police CAUSING a DEADLY situation last night based on the premise that another car MAY be dangerous. There was NOTHING to justify that chase. The police promised to stop these deadly high speed chases unless there was something seriously at risk. The fact that the police KILLED the person they accused of MAYBE being a danger to kill someone else is INSANE! It is twisted logic. And knowing the past patterns of the corrupt Seattle Police, which has lied to my face and the public's face repeatedly, and avoided all reasonable accountability for their aggression on our streets, I assume no one will be penalized for this police killing last night.

Last night on the local news, there was also a report of a Seattle Police officer who literally LEFT his post while on duty to have sex with a drunk woman he met while responding to a possible assault charge. The news reported that this officer called the SPD station and said he was "taking vacation time" all of a sudden, in the middle of his shift, from what I can get from the news report. Then, he had sex with the woman who had originally called police for help. Then when he was caught, he said he could not be penalized because when he had the sex with the woman, he was not on duty! Yes, this is the bumbling Keystone Cop situation we are dealing with in Seattle. And I believe this officer is still a paid Seattle cop today.

The Seattle Police are DANGEROUS criminals in my opinion. Tonight they KILLED someone PREEMPTIVELY. Because they THOUGHT someone MIGHT be a danger and may kill someone else, they just killed the driver. Right on a Seattle street. And now they are trying to pretend it was somehow something other than a macho tirade by unaccountable authoritarian asses with guns. If we used the mentality the cops used last night, we, as citizens, would be obliged to shoot out every freakin' cop car we see today, killing the drivers, as those cops MIGHT kill someone. That is the same logic used on the car of folks in the U District last night.

The amount of deadly force used last night by Seattle Police comes nowhere near the level of threat presented. And again, if we citizens acted in that manner, we would have to kill all police preemptively. The fact that the car was not stolen and there were no weapons begs the question: "why did the Seattle Police kill this person last night?" Apparently the Seattle Police COULD HAVE killed more than one person too, as more than one person was in the car. So you tell me... which is more dangerous... a car slowly weaving a bit, late at night on the road, trying to get home, or a raving adrenaline-pumped cop car speeding down the road, endangering all in its path, chasing and scaring that slow car? This situation has played out so often lately that I am sick and tired of it. If Seattle Police cannot stop their maniac behavior on our streets that kills people in their desire for high speed chases, we are in some serious trouble here. It is like the Seattle Police are into drag racing on the streets. Since they cannot do it legally, they just do little drag races with innocent victims on our streets when it is late at night and no one is looking.

Our cops have sex with women they respond to on assault charges, right when they come to do the police intake. And the ex-Tacoma Police Chief Brames, in a neighboring community, actually raped a woman, and the police department FULLY KNEW OF THIS, and Brames even admitted it, yet he remained the Police Chief, until he gunned down his wife in cold blood in a store parking lot in front of his kids, then killed himself. His wife had asked for help with domestic violence but since he was police chief, no one would help her. The rape victim also asked for help and got none. Our cops have been caught taking drugs from street people and reselling them and bullying people on the street to get their drugs for them to sell for personal profit. I watched a cop point a machine gun a foot from my son's head in a permitted protest zone in March 2003, and then watched the Seattle Police Chief lie and say on TV and radio that there were no machine guns present. I remember a cop chasing another car which had a deadly crash, I believe it was in the Fremont area, not that long ago. When are we, the citizens, going to have some way to get the Seattle Police to stop randomly killing Seattlites for their drag racing thrills? This has gotten WAY out of hand. The Seattle Police Chief is a liar and I can prove that. He lied about the weaponry present at the March 2003 anti-war protests, for one. And he has done nothing when citizens complain with detailed complaints, en masse, about police violence. I know that more than 40 of us launched legal complaints with the Seattle City Council for the police violence on March 22, 2003, and many more protested in the City Council Chambers again after Seattle Police rioted upon unarmed protesters, injuring many, on June 2, 2003 at the LEIU protests. The City gave us permits for both those protests then sent in riot police to injure and harm unarmed, nonviolent protesters with chemical and violent weaponry, including, yes, machine guns. I was there. I can testify to this first hand.

Look, the whole world saw the WTO riots. And this year, the idiot who ran that circus, Norm Stamper, the old Seattle Police Chief, just went on a book selling tour, talking all about the MISTAKES he made during WTO while we paid his salary, yet were any police prosecuted for these "mistakes?" Hell no! Instead, later, the Police Chief made money on tour talking about his failures! I cannot believe people are paying Stamper to tell us how he broke the law on us.

All I can say is you are as apt to be killed by a Seattle Police officer as by anyone else in Seattle. The only difference is if you are killed by a Seattle cop, you will somehow be deemed a bad person, and a whole concocted story will be made up to justify the death, even if the excuse is as empty as the one given today for the killing last night on our streets by cops. If you are killed by a cop in Seattle, somehow you will be victimized twice. All I can say is shame on the Seattle Police. They are killers and no, it is not justified at all. If that was MY son they killed last night, all I can say is, there WOULD be hell to pay. TODAY. But it doesn't matter that it was not my son. There should STILL be hell to pay. I AM MAD AS HELL THAT THE SEATTLE POLICE KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE LIKE THIS. Seattle Police need to drag race somewhere else, and leave our citizens alone. I am disgusted by the way the Seattle Police behave, above all laws. The police officers who killed that person in their drag racing last night should be prosecuted for MURDER, just as a normal citizen would be.

homepage: homepage: http://www.kirstenanderberg.com

Same Thing In Portland 12.Nov.2005 06:46

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

In Portland, you can be murdered by cops if you're in a mental hospital or having a breakdown on the street or are strapped in your car. In Portland, you can be roughed up if you step off a curb while holding a protest sign, but not if you're holding a shopping bag or briefcase. In Portland, you can be peppered in the eyes over & over while cops laugh. In Portland, you can be tazed repeatedly if you're an old woman on your own property. In Sandy Oregon, you can be murdered if you're burned & in shock & in need of an ambulance. Psychotic cops are not just in Seattle.

crazy cops are everywhere 12.Nov.2005 07:11

kirsten anderberg

I did not mean to imply there were only crazy cops in Seattle. Or that ours are worse than anywhere else. Words are hard vehicles for voice sometimes. I just wanted to make sure to report that ours are still crazy, as they are in other places as well.

Deliberate Policies to Provke a War? 12.Nov.2005 07:50


These policies are made, not by the cops but by their upper echelon supervisors. As well as the decision to allow this to go unheeded by internal enforcement.
Things like this do not occur by accident.

It's endemic, It's epidemic 12.Nov.2005 11:54


-And it is coming to a city near you. Anyone subject to siezures, diabetic attacks, or just short flights from a really scary reality needs to move quickly to the back of the bus, or another country, or at least out of the city, although how much more out of the city could poor Fouad Kaady have gone? These folks have been given carte blanch to kill, and the only way out, I am afraid, is to turn the guns around.

turning the guns around 12.Nov.2005 14:37


Unless you want to start packing in public, with a group of like minded citizens, a la Black Panthers, in a show of solidarity, you are giving the cops a right to preemptively wax you. Most of them ( not all!) are cowards not worthy of law enforcement privileges. Also the weaponry available to them includes sniper rifles etc.

thank u all for saying this out the police chase on ne 70th roosevelt 28.Nov.2005 16:20

gi gi gwen_attison@yahoo.com

keep up the good work our family needs the surport on the person who died in this car crash was my sister cindi attison. don't worry their is a law suit on this case from my family

thanks 01.Dec.2005 16:52

anonymous norah003@hotmail.com

i am glad that u wrote an article about this because...the news in seattle did nothing for what happened..it was simply just another car accident....i knew the people the in the car..and its been crazy...two are dead, ones being charged with vehicular homicide...and the other is paralyzed...i just wish the best for the families and god bless them..

angel 01.Sep.2009 03:27

sister in heaven. ashash91@yahoo.com

she was someones sister and mother of six childern,her family misses her every day shes an angel.we love you sis.it dosnt make since when people dont think,use their minds before what they do because now its the pain they live with in side for what happened i hope god can forgive then if they can forgive them selfs for what they do in this life. john3.16