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War criminal traitor Ron Wyden votes to eliminate Habeas Corpus

Mr. Wyden voted in the Senate to approve an unconstitutional law that purports to strip prisoners of Habeas Corpus rights recently upheld by the Supreme Court. The move amounts to an unconstitutional attempted power grab by the legislative on behalf of the executive branch to wrest power from judges to decide basic constitutional questions.
Ron Wyden violated his oath of office to defend and uphold the US Constitution yesterday, by voting for a law which purports to strip judges of the ability to decide the legality of arbitrary detentions of people arbitrarily labelled "enemy combatants" by Texas ex-governor GW Bush Jr. and his hirelings. In this time when our rights are so endangered by high-level criminals acting under color of illegitimate authority, Wyden has voted to give more power to the criminals.

Wyden was one of only 5 Democrats who provided the crucial margin of victory (47-42) for this execrable act: See  http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/1111-03.htm

Wyden is out-of-control. Wyden needs to hear from the people of the state of Oregon whom he claims to represent about his atrocious misconduct in office.

homepage: homepage: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/1111-03.htm

Ron Wyden info 11.Nov.2005 14:22


230 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

you are witnessing the destruction of YOUR human rights. 11.Nov.2005 16:46

this thing here

this is simply a test run for born and bred american citizens. it is, indeed, an execrable act, one that speaks VOLUMES about the true nature of this country's "leadership".

does someone reading my comment wish to deny that america is a fascist nation, led by fascist leaders? please, do so. make me laugh.

link 11.Nov.2005 17:43


PPRC web site (see resources) urgent alert page has e-mail links for all "those people" very handy. Wyden has crossed the line into scum sucking bottom feeder.
Obviously, he has spent so much time in DC that he has lost touch with reality. For his own sake, we must make this his last term in office - and tell him so and why

war crimes 12.Nov.2005 05:20


I just sent emails to my congresspersons.

I thanked Smith for voting against this amendment.

I asked DeFazio not to vote for it. I'm sure he won't.

I told Wyden that he should be sent to the International
Criminal Court for war crime prosecution for voting for
this heinous amendment.

Wyden was also involved in the cover-up of an El Salvador
torture investigation in the 80s when he said that the
prisoners were not being tortured. At least he's consistant
on torture.

Wyden doesnt represent us anymore 12.Nov.2005 08:06


Wyden has quit representing us a long time ago. All the stuff that has come out re the war..Downing Street , etc...and not a peep out of the faithful parrot Wyden. I used to like and support him , but now I think he is just concerned about keeping his job and not making waves. Oh yeah , and Wyden is consistently among the top 10 Senate recipients of AIPAC money. Smith is catching up tho.

Ron Wyden's Voting Record 12.Nov.2005 23:20


I will never vote for Wyden again and plan on calling his office to tell them that.
Wyden also takes money from AIPAC.

against the ex post facto law clause 13.Nov.2005 10:05


It's more than that--it's unconstitutional in the U.S. as well. This goes against the ex post facto law clause [Article I.]

After Democrats and Republicans conspired together to destroy the Bill of Rights, the Repuiblicans by their increasingly typical large police state fascist methods, the Democrats by their wimply passive-agressive go-along attitude, they are moving in on the main body of the Constitution as well.

This so called 'law' passed by the Senate can be challenged in any court...