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I posted 288.00 to Mike D's account at 2:30 pm today at the Justice Center. This should cover the 250.00 bail bond, 33.00 that he owes the County, and 5.00 dollars pocket money for when he is released.
I contacted his public defender this morning and asked him to contact Mike to see if he wanted to be bailed out. Word came back that "YES" he did.
The money was not pulled together on behalf of a group, but donated by a group of concerned friends and community members. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

It is unlikely we will be getting any money back. They told me that the county would keep half the money and then from there subtract any fees or court costs or fines. I suggest that if any money remains, (I stress that this is unlikely) that we let Mike deceide what to do with it.

Here are a couple things I have learned about BAIL:

You have to post 10% of the bail amount. In this case the bail was 2,500.00 so I had to post 250.00.

It is best to do it in cash. The other option is a credit card, but the credit card company asks for a huge percentage of what you are posting (I cannot remember how much but I think it is more than 20%). There is a bank machine in the Justice Center but it also wants a real arm and a leg (much more than 1.50), and is not really an option.

I had two options in bailing Mike out:
The first option was that I post the bail, and then take responsibility for him showing up in court. That would mean that if he did not show up or if he contacted the Security Guard he has been accused of assaulting, the County would hold me responsible for the 2,250.00 unpaid bail. If I were to deceide not to pay the rest of the money, I suspect a bench warrant would be issued for my arrest.
The second option was the SELF BAIL option. I post the money to his account and then he bails himself out. If you take this option you have to pay any additional fee's that the person detained owes, in this case it was 33.00. Otherwise they will take the 33.00 out of the bail money as soon as it is in his account, leaving the account short of what is needed for bail. The Marshall then calls Mike D and tells him that this is money is posted and that he can bail himself out. This seemed like the better option in this case so that Mike can handle his own legal affairs the way he wants without feeling controled by the needs of the person who bailed him out.

If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to email me. If Mike bails himself out, as his public defender said he wanted to, he should be out this evening.

I would like to say that I received TONS of phone call from people concerned about Mike over the past couple of weeks. It took awhile to bail him out because Clackamas County had a hold on him. I want him and everyone else to know that it is very clear that Mike has allot of friends and people who support him. People were happy to help and contribute to his bail.

His email account is bouncing back, it must be full...so it may be hard to contact him for the moment.
A Big Thanks To All 10.Nov.2005 16:14

a friend

Thanks, Catherine, for everything you do. And thanks to all who contributed. In times like these, we must support each other.

to check on MIKE call 503-988-3689 then push 7 10.Nov.2005 17:15

catherine portland legal defense network

He posted bail at four. They have not brought him downstairs yet. It will take 2 to 4 hours to process him out when they bring him down. IT WOULD BE COOL IF PEOPLE WERE THERE WHEN HE GOT OUT! He will be released from the Justice Center downtown. There is a place to wait inside untill 10;00 PM.

thanks catherine 10.Nov.2005 17:24


thanks for this report and for doing what you do.

welcome back mike d!