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Must Buy Book!

As offered on FoxNews.com
King George (revisionist history spin) During His First Reign
King George (revisionist history spin) During His First Reign

A Must Buy for all of us ;?)
Gag Me!!! 10.Nov.2005 14:15


Yup, the right-wing apprears to already be engaging in revisionist history to portray The Crimial Bush as some sort of a leader. What a joke.

This is a collectors item 10.Nov.2005 14:22

Bush boy

Quit disrespecting our beloved commander in cheif, he has saved America from Al Qaida and thwarted many more dirty bombs too. Have some respect for him. Clinton was all about the blow jobs and made bin Laden stronger. Clinton had Oklahoma bombing happen on his watch. George Bush's father was a mentor to our current great president and got Saddam out of Kuwait, so watch what you say.

follow the Money/Pattern 10.Nov.2005 15:07


This book will be published and then bought not only by the braindead, but also the hidden money barrels of the riech to become a best seller!
Just watch.

Idea...? 10.Nov.2005 15:36


Wouldn't it be fun to bring book burnings back into vogue :)

puking 10.Nov.2005 15:58


There is medicine to make one reguritate.
If anyone sees this book for sale, please post so it can be "reviewed" in a fitting manner.

Small Message 10.Nov.2005 20:15


Here's a simple but effective tip:

Whenever you see a book in a bookstore with Bush's face on it, turn it upside-down. Subtle, but effective in sending a message of protest.