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measure 11

measure 11 has done too much to hurt the community.. can we stop it?
a while back, i posted a site about measure 11. i left it for a couple of months because no one around me seemed interested enough to help out. i went to check back recently and found out i've been getting posts from people all over the north west. would anyone be interested in starting up a campaign specifically designed to stop measure 11? with organization, we could make something happen.


homepage: homepage: http://deadmusic.net
phone: phone: 503 269 4228

advocate strongly against measure 11 28.Nov.2005 12:45

joseph oliver irisholiver@hotmail.com

Please respond and tell me how i can help you or how you would be able to help me. Together maybe we could help Oregon. very interested. your site is what i was looking for. joseph oliver

p.o. box 27 Scappoose Oregon 97056

I am definatly interested..... 01.Jul.2006 07:53

Brenda carney dnbcarney@bellsouth.net

Meth is a sick scourge in Oregon, but I have been watching the courts around Portland and found over the past 6 months that the courts and police will drop PCS and DCS charges almost every time while pursuing measure 11 charges. Let's jail minor violence charges, but allow everyone to get addicted to one of the worlds most addictive drugs until they too can be convicted of a measure 11. Then we can all pay more taxes to fight the drug that we will not prosecute, and keep feeding the money to the prisons so that they can house those who trip someone.

My son was introduced to drugs in Oregon by his father. I called repeatedly to have my son picked up on drug charges before his 18th birth day so that I could avoid seeing him commit worse crimes, but the police said that he had to commit a real crime (I guess that using and selling meth is not) before they would interfere. Now my son is going to prison for 90 months for his first measure 11 conviction. He is 18, so I will hug him next when he is 26 years old. I guess my son is off meth now, but he will be 26, never held a full time job, with a lack of education, and no mental or physical help with quitting meth. I guess that he will be ready to be you neighbor again!

Spend money to stop Portland's real problem (Meth), and quit wasting money keeping minor violence offenders in prison like they committed manslaughter


We want to help ........... 27.Sep.2006 12:13

Tracy very concerned parent son 17 victim of measure 11 redeyedzombiefreak@yahoo.com

I went to the courts for help with my son who at age 15 got mixed up with the wrong kids .My son is disabled by social security standards with p.t.s.d. and compulsive behavoior he started doing drugs and his probation officer kept telling me make him accountable for his actions,call the police every time or i can not help you.They helped alright everytime I called the police I made my son have more of a record..stupid stuff like getting home late or he would miss road crew sleep in late because he had medication he has to take every night that makes him very tired and he cant wake up very early(we even gave it to him sooner trying to help)but make him accountable.So he went in and out of detention.Finally at age 17 just turned 17 my son got off drugs and got a job at albertsons.He was so proud of him self.And so were we.He met a girl they started dating she told him and us that she was 16 about two months later I found out that she was 13!My son did not know and niether did we,her parents let them date and my son was at there home often.My son broke up with her immedently she went to school told her counsler my son raped her .he was arrested..the cops found out she had sex with 2 other boys who she also told she was older they also were arrested they were 18 there in prison under measure 11.The cops said the amitted that she lied about my son but he amitted to them that they had sex,he was in a relationship with her thought she was older.So they charged my son in the juevnile courts and becuse my son had been in trouble in the past OYA stepped in they took my son for five years and he has to register as a sex offender!The judge and the distric attorney said they were both sorry but THE LAW requires the out come it was out of her hands.They both said measure 11 was not ment for people like my son it was for repeat offenders!!!The D.A also told me that when my son finished his time to come in and he would not make him register.I GOT IT IN WRITING!!!
BUT STILL MY SON MY ONLY SON IS IN PRISON!!!And it kills me everytime I have to leave him in that awfull place hes had to fight to protect his self in there but he tells me dont worry mom im using this as in opportunity not a punishment im gonna help boys that get lost in system when I get out of here some of these boys in here dont have parents like me that care for them thats why there in hear their angry and jelouse of me because you love me.So I try to notice all the boys when I go there .And now when I come they all say Hi MOM!!!WE HAVE GOT TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM MEASURE 11 MAKE THE COURTS USE IT FOR WHAT ITS SUPPOSE TO DO!WHEN WE VOTED WE WERE LIED TO !The DA uses measure 11 to scare the hell out of people because if they fight the system and lose its 5 years of there lives so most people take the plea bargins.I know I would because really do you have that much faith in our system today to bargin with 5 years of your life?MY aunt and I want to set up something to get measure 11 on the ballots to change it or get it out PLEASE HELP US !!!



JON SCOTT MURPHY westsidesteelfab@yahoo.com

i know this drug and the prison system first hand. i have been to both federal and state prisons. i am a meth addict. it really didnt start that way when i tried the drug for the first time back in 1996. i tried it with a girl friend, thought it was fun, had great sex with it, but kept me awake for days. the usage gets more and more frequent until...bingo...your hooked.. cant get out of bed without it. it becomes a way of life a very sad, depressing way of life. you spend most of your time "looking around" for the shit. this drug comes straight from hell. there is nothing good about it at all. our government is not puting enough pressure on mexico to stop the importaion. the amount of this stuff on the streets of portland alone is huge. we need to stop this stuff at the border. belive me the sheridan federal correctional institution is 90% mexicans, there for illegal entry/99% of the remaining whites and blacks are there on meth related charges. they may have rob a bank, but they did it because of meth. i hope you all get the point im trying to make here. i will be going back to prison again soon, violated my probation, failed ua...meth....i really want to run for the hills not from the police but from.....meth