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Alpenrose Dairy goes rBGH free!

Alpenrose Dairy announced that it has now gone rBGH-free for all its products!
The family-owned independent dairy, based in Portland, has been a highly-respected fixture in the NW Oregon dairy scene since 1916. Alpenrose's main product is fluid milk and It can be found in Albertson's, Thriftway, New Seasons, QFC, Zupan's and other markets. It also supplies milk to Baskin-Robbins ice cream franchises in the Pacific Northwest.

Alpenrose is already running ads announcing it is rBGH-free and their labels will reflect this as soon as they go through their current packaging inventory.

Oregon PSR's Campaign For Safe Food has been communicating with Alpenrose since May 2004, when they met with the president, Carl Cadonau, Jr., and showed him their Power Point on rBGH, discussing the problems that rBGH presents.

Since early 2004, Alpenrose, like all dairies in Oregon that still use rBGH, has received hundreds of consumer comments generated by Oregon PSR - post cards, e-mails, letters and phone calls -asking them to go rBGH-free.

In addition, the campaign has been contacting grocery stores and coffee shops regarding their concerns with rBGH, and we know that some of them have in turn relayed these concerns to Alpenrose, whose products they were carrying.

In August this year, St. Mary of the Valley, a large parochial school in Beaverton, discontinued their milk contract with Alpenrose. This followed Oregon PSR's Power Point presentation to the principal and food service director and expressions of concern led by a parent/PSR volunteer. In addition, PSR volunteers had made initial contacts with the Portland Public Schools, which serves Alpenrose milk, expressing their concern with rBGH.

Alpenrose now becomes the third Oregon-based dairy since 2003 to go rBGH-free. Tillamook announced that its cheese (not other products) would be rBGH-free as of April 1 and Eberhard announced it was going rBGH-free in June.

We're off to a great start! However, most of the biggest dairy processors are still using rBGH milk and we will need to increase our activities in order to take the rBGH-Free Oregon Campaign to the next level.

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