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Oregon Trail Teacher Strike

Oregon Trail Teachers strike ongoing. OrTrail District continuing lies to the community.
As we may be entering the fourth week of the Oregon Trail Teachers strike, many thanks to all the supporters of the Union and the Teachers. Our fight is still going on, with the Board vice president continuing his rhetoric to avoid him being recalled in the near future. Our community in and around Sandy is organizing, very quietly, to avoid a massive media blitz from the administration of the School District. We are fighting to protect the future of our students in this district. We are fighting to show the rest of the states school districts that teachers and the union will compromise and collaberate to create a contract that is fair. We are watching the administration make no progress, instead the union and its team have come forward with most and maybe all of the progress made in negotiating a fair and equitable contract. You can email the superintentant of the district, it says right on the district website she has an open door. "Always". Even though she was standing laughing at a parent and her child be escorted off the property of the district office last week. Feel free to call the district office and ask to schedule a meeting with her or any of her assistants. I guarantee, her open door will not be. Phone number at the school district, 503 668-5541. Clementina Selinas, superintentant  email-salinasc@ortrail.k12.or.us. Thank you all, peace on earth, starting right here.
It's time to take a new strike vote! 11.Nov.2005 14:47


After witnessing the televised "community meeting" the other night on channel 7, I noticed some things. First, I don't think the school board is going to budge on the issues of teacher transfers and evaluation. They've shown that those issues are the sticking points of this strike. I don't know what they are afraid will happen? Current language has been in the contract for 25+ years and nothing bad has happened so far? WHAT are they expecting to happen? Current language has served for this long and if it isn't broke, don't fix it!

Second, Mike Cosper twice evaded the idea that it might be time to put the teachers on the spot and take a secret ballot vote about the recently proposed contract offer. Twice Cosper pleaded ignorance about what the question was asking. The question put to him was, "Will the union allow teachers a secret ballot vote to accept the contract as it stands now." How many teachers would be willing to take what is currently offered and get back to teaching? I'll bet a majority would be ready to get back to work.

The governer's proposal was very acceptable. The teaher's side was willing to go for his proposal and that was a huge concession for them. The board says it doesn't have the funds for his proposal when they've been saving a great deal of money by not paying the 216 teachers wages or benefits for the past 3 weeks. I'm sure the money's there now! Even if they have to add back in 10 days to the calender, they will have saved a lot of money by not paying benefits for this month. I know the union will be covering teacher benefits for November. No small undertaking! I heard on the news a few days ago that what the teachers have lost in wages since the strike began is more than they will get in pay raises anyway. The whole strike has been about contract language and fair treatment not about money.

Finally, the district says they will reopen schools for elementary kids. What about middle school kids? What about high school kids? Apparently, parents consider the schools a massive daycare center. As long as they can ship their young kids off and not have to pay a daycare provider for those hours, everybody's happy. How sad to believe that that is all most parents believe school is for thier children. No wonder teachers aren't valued.

Sports more important too 11.Nov.2005 23:43

disgusted Sandyite

I agree. Some people were more upset about the Homecoming game then they were about our children's education.

Board member Dave Isbell just released a statement via the district's "Key Communicator Network" in which he says he answers "most of the common questions" he has been asked re: the strike. Check out number 4:

"4. Is it true that the major stumbling block to settlement is an issue that has been created by the striking teachers?

Yes. The teachers are demanding to be paid for the days they were striking."

What a blatant misrepresentation of the situation! This guy is wasting his talents in Sandy. He should go to work for BushCo.'s propaganda machine.

Who's lying now???? 17.Nov.2005 14:57

E. S.

Well, so the strike is finally settled and it was all the Boards fault... RIGHT? Then tell me why the union is bragging about all the good stuff that they got and all the really bad stuff that the Union kept the Board from shoving down their throats. See, for yourself at,  http://www.ortrailteachers.org/WEAsummary.mht Looks to me like if the Board had not been so stubborn then the Union would have even more good stuff to brag about. Best I can tell the according to the Union, the Board got it's @$$ kicked!
Hurray for the Teachers, NOT!