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Italian TV Airs Documentary on US use of Chemical Weapons in Fallujah

Italian state TV aired a documentary that claims US used chemical weapons-- white phosphorus, which melts human flesh to the bones "I saw the burned bodies of women and children. The phosphorous explodes and forms a plume. Whoever is within a 150 metre radius has no hope," one former US GI, Jimmy Massey reports.
Mohamad Tareq, a biologist who was in Fallujah, stated in the video, "A rain of fire fell on the city, the people struck by this multicolored substance started to burn. We found people dead with strange wounds, the bodies burned but the clothes intact."

Indeed, in watching this video, there are numerous graphic photos of horrific injury. Melted charred bodies with the clothes strangely intact. Many of them obviously civilians including children. You can watch it yourself (English version) at either of these links

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10907.htm | http://www.rainews24.rai.it/ran24/inchiesta/video/fallujah_ING.wmv Starting right after the initial assault on Fallujah, there have been many accounts of use of chemical weapons, of melting bodies, and so on. This documentary sheds some light on the issue. The U.S. committed war crimes in Fallujah. One AP reporter, seeking to flee Fallujah, witnessed U.S. snipers killing people trying to flee across the Euphrates river. This included families with children. Though reputable sources report these things, the U.S. embedded corporate media stays silent.

. 08.Nov.2005 11:16


Italian state TV, Rai, broadcast a documentary which showed evidence that U.S. forces used phosphorus bombs against Iraqi civilians during the bloody offensive on the city of Fallujah in November 2004, BBC reported.

The film was broadcast between 0730 and 0800 in the morning on Rai's rolling news channel with a warning that the some of the images would be disturbing.

It showed eyewitnesses and former U.S. soldiers who took part in the Fallujah assault saying that white phosphorus bombs were widely deployed in the city as a weapon.

Rai said this amounts to the illegal use of chemical weapons, though such bombs are considered incendiary devices.

The use of chemical weapons is banned by a treaty which Washington signed in 1997.

The transmission comes a day after Iraqi President Jalal Talabani arrived in Italy for a five-day official visit.

It also comes on the first anniversary of the U.S.-led offensive on Fallujah, which displaced most of the city's 300,000 residents and left its buildings destroyed.

Hidden Massacre

The documentary, entitled Fallujah: the Hidden Massacre, started with formerly classified footage of U.S. forces using Napalm bombs during the Vietnam war.

It then showed high-quality, close-up images of several bodies of Fallujah residents, some still in their bed, with their skin dissolved but clothes still intact.

A biologist in Fallujah, Mohammad Tareq, interviewed by the film, said: "A rain of fire fell on the city, the people struck by this multi-coloured substance started to burn, we found people dead with strange wounds, the bodies burned but the clothes intact."

A former U.S. soldier who took part in the offensive said: "I heard the order to pay attention because they were going to use white phosphorus on Fallujah. In military jargon it's known as Willy Pete,"

"Phosphorus burns bodies, in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone ... I saw the burned bodies of women and children. Phosphorus explodes and forms a cloud. Anyone within a radius of 150 metres is done for." the soldier added.

The film repeated accusations that the U.S. has systematically attempted to destroy filmed evidence of the use of chemical arms in the Fallujah assault.

It provided clinching evidence that incendiary bombs known as Mark 77, a new, improved form of napalm, was used in Fallujah attack, in violation of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

The United Nations banned the use of the napalm gas against civilians in 1980 after pictures of a naked wounded girl in Vietnam shocked the world.

The United States, which didn't endorse the convention, is the only nation in the world still using the deadly weapon.

Banned weapons

Following the 2004 offensive, media reports and Fallujah residents said that U.S. forces used chemical arms on the city.

The U.S. army admitted using phosphorus arms in Iraq to illuminate battlefields, but denied using other banned weapons.

"Phosphorus shells are not outlawed. U.S. forces have used them very sparingly in Fallujah, for illumination purposes," the USinfo website said in December last year. "They were fired into the air to illuminate enemy positions at night, not at enemy fighters."

But the Rai film proves that the U.S. army didn't use phosphorus to illuminate enemy positions (which would have been legitimate) but instead dropped white phosphorus indiscriminately and in massive quantities on the city's neighborhoods.

The revelation makes the U.S. responsible for a massacre using banned weapons, the same charge for which the toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is accused of.

Troop withdrawal
The Italian public has been consistently against the Iraq war, and the Rai documentary can only strengthen calls for an immediate troop withdrawal, correspondents say.

But the Italian government and opposition leaders are considering a gradual withdrawal in 2006.

President Talabani urged Italy on Monday to keep its troops in Iraq, saying that a premature withdrawal will hurt his country.

Italy has about 3,000 soldiers in Iraq, the fourth largest contingent in the war-torn country after the U.S., Britain and South Korea.
"Phosphorus burns bodies, in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bon

napalm 08.Nov.2005 11:55


this story should not be a surprise to anyone. these have been common practices by the US of A for years.

this is an informative site though:


Check the Facts 08.Nov.2005 12:37

Tom Slater. slatho19@evergreen.edu

White Phosphorus, while a ghastly weapon, is not a chemical weapon. Chemical weapons are those which act on the central or autonomous nervous system to cause death or discomfort. White Phosphorus is an incendiary - it kills by intense heat. While a horrific way to kill people, the US deployment of white phosphorus munitions does not constitute a war crime. Check your facts before you publish, folks.

What do the Barbecuers Say? 08.Nov.2005 13:27

Martin S. White

"An incendiary device, white phosphorus is also used to light up combat areas. The use of incendiary weapons against civilians has been banned by the Geneva Convention since 1980." -ABC News

Even the assistant chefs admit it, Tom!

War Crime Nation 08.Nov.2005 22:59

banderín negro

Categorizing the killer madness gadgets and the atrocious results of their uses incorrectly provides cover for the propaganda puppets to dismiss and discredit the reports as inaccurate, uncorroborated and thus ignorable.

For instance, a Wikipedia article on the subject heading "chemical warfare" isolates that kind of warfare to "the use of toxic properties of chemical substances to kill, injure or incapacitate the enemy." It would seem that factmeister Slater's point is worth taking, if attention to the documentary's substance is to grow and rumble. I suppose this kind of parsing of meaning is what allows for sophisticated discussion, and that language, being a medium of ideation, a sort of technology, achieves a little of Swiss novelist Max Frisch's description of technology as "the knack of so arranging a world that we need not experience it."

Back to my point, though, is that perhaps the gut zeal of the Italian documentarians resulted in some sloppy descriptions. Can't blame them, however, breathlessly uncovering the horrors that remain shrouded under embargo of the Empire and its embedded press stooges in dry shoes. Sure wish there was a way to get this onto the retinas (even brains!) of the benumbed herd in the free enterprise breeding and consuming feed lot, though.

Like everything else going on, the enormity, the compound lies of the past 200...500...10,000 years of city and nation states, colonization, divisions of labor, institutionalized illusions and superstitions in the service of wealth, greed and accumultion of power of the few over the many for no good intentions or ends, is more than the unwilling participants in the starspangled charade can get conscience or brain around. Finding oneself in harness in the feedlot, demoralized to be in a strait jacket of complicity, contributing to the ghastly enterprise of deluded global transformation and the care and feeding of a socio-economic system whose inexorable goal, even if only vaguely articulated by some the extreme members of its priesthood--Neocon and Likudnik ideologues and fundamentalist apocalyptics--can only be the destruction of life and the conditions for life on this still beautiful planet.

An allied force hasn't even begun to materialize to bring this Nazi clone regime and regimen to justice--and it has nothing to do with what party or front person symbolically resides in the White Settler's House. And if such a force does organize itself, what does it go on to become?
Justice Served
Justice Served
Waiting to be Served
Waiting to be Served

hey! 09.Nov.2005 01:22


I thought the fascist Berlusconi was in charge of Italy. Is America too fascist for the fascists now?