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Solidarity Actions

Independent expressions of solidrity with the people of Mar Del Plata pop up nationwide. These images are from Sunday, at Portland, Oregon's Saturday Market.
Encouraging people to take action as the failed trade policies of the neo-cons are being ram-rodded down the throats of Latin Americans. Awareness, visibility, are at least steps in the right direction.
additional picture 07.Nov.2005 16:00


had an extra picture come in...others?

Great Job 07.Nov.2005 19:50


Great banner, keep it up.

The sad part..... 07.Nov.2005 20:28


The sad part is that many people will have looked at the sign and not even realize what FTAA stands for, and specially what it will mean for Americans and the peoples of Central and South America.

Nonetheless, great work!

another picture 08.Nov.2005 10:37


One fella looked up and asked about the FTAA, which we responded to while many in the Max area listened. Other than that, we had several people give us the thumbs up, and the security personnel tended to look the other way.