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Portland Legal Defense Network call out for VIDEO SHOT NOV 2

We are going to have copies of the video shot by legal observers. We would like to have copies of any other video out there. We can get copies to Criminal Defense Lawyers. We really need to start pooling video in one or more places. In the past video has not been shared between Attorney's so it is important to make sure that we organize what we have and make sure it is available to anyone who needs it. It should also be available to the general public.
If anyone has a good idea on how to pool video after actions in the future, or the most effective way, please comment here or email me. In the meantime, I would like to copy any video from NOV 2. If the organizers of the event could post this request to any list they may have, it would really help.

Video 07.Nov.2005 18:28


please contact me for video. Indymedia needs the legal observers video as well.

video 08.Nov.2005 15:52


i know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but i have some bad video clips of different arrests from the protest.