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Strange computer things happening at area college

Just talking with another student (whom i don't know) about whether she has been having the same problem i've been having with "page re-sets" that come up as prompts brought out a very interesting situation: that these prompts *only come up* when
Here's the message:
"Page is now resetting. Thank you.

Press OK to cancel."

If you press OK, your reading of an alternative (in this case IMC pages) is messed with a little. Just enought to lose your place at where you were reading.

If you press the "x" feature, getting rid of the prompt, or let it "time out", the page it's referring to, goes back to the "home" url; that is, "re-sets".

In just composing this for a minute or so, i've had two prompts come up one right after the other. Ah, and there's another one.

But see you can't get this looked at by a librarian because it *times out* (in 14 seconds) and then disappears before they can get over here.

Any techies that know what's going on, please contact the Mt.Hood college library, as it's likely this has been going on for awhile.

May be related? 07.Nov.2005 20:28


Some comments in postings on Alternet have referred to excessive page loading times, especially in the comments sections. I recently switched to DSL, so have no reference point to go from - they load faster than my dial-up connection, but that's to be expected. The comments were made in reply to an article about the Patriot Act (sorry, don't remember exactly where, though, otherwise I'd provide a link) and were inferring that perhaps some sort of monitoring was going on - on a lot of different liberal sites.

Is this related???

David Icke's website has been shut down, they monitor everything. 07.Nov.2005 23:35

Zeros and ones baby

"...news organizations, and all Americans, in times like these have to watch what they say and watch what they do."- Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary, September 26, 2001

reality 08.Nov.2005 17:24


Now for the red pill..

If you're using windows, you're fukkked. Bad hardware, bad architecture, not a solution. That's not a generalization or excuse it's now a fact.

On Oct. 24 many people began experiencing periodic DNS resolution errors. Note this is *not* about reseting your browsers dns or memory cache. DNS = IP number to www.blah.com -> back to IP number. MS I.E. is not a web browser.

This incident is probably due in part to *.edu upstream services, ALSO check the backbone provider agreements getting changed. That's linked to the 12 or 13 root DNS servers spread through out the world which are administratively controlled by the American corporation ICANN.