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November 17th?

With much talk about future protests, in numerous occasions, people have mentioned November 17th. Reviewing countless google pages, looking in the streets for flyers, and doing a search on indymedia, I have found nothing about it.
So the question is, is there going to be a protest on November 17th? If so, where and when? There is a lot of angry people out there and January 20th is too long away for the next anti-bush protest. If anyone has information about this event, please post it. Everyone is expecting a protest that day, but no one knows where it is and when it is. Please, post something.
Here's some info. 07.Nov.2005 15:23


National "Not Your Soldier" Youth and Student Day of Action, Thursday November 17/18th at a high school or college campus near you.... Are military recruiters invading your schools and using promises of scholarships and career opportunities to convince your friends to join the military? You are not alone! On November 17, International Students Day, join youth and students from around the country in the first nationally coordinated day of action for and about young people! NOT YOUR SOLDIER!


Here's a nice flyer to start putting up ASAP:

Another important note 07.Nov.2005 15:52


Recruiters near you:

I will stress to people not to rely on some big organized protest to vent there anger at the system, with no defined goal. First question people should ask themselves is what do they want to accomplish, other than let the police herd them around on the sidewalks. Do we want to shut the city down for 2hrs, Do we want to start another peace camp across from city hall, do we want to rally in outside of downtown and instead organize door-to-door giving out information.

Biggest question that I think needs addressing in this movement RIGHT NOW is,

What is Non-violence and what is violence?

I hear alot of liberals talk about non-violence, and use Gandi and MLK. Jr as examples. Do you think Gandi had a freaking permit when they marched to the sea to get salt? Do you think MLK Jr. had a permit to walk through the streets? Wake up, there's a difference between being non-violent and total pacifist sheep being led to the slaughter.

I think the democrats/liberals/socialist/republicians/greens politicos that preach all this peaceful reform crap need to put up or shut up. You want peaceful protests? Then show up in numbers in the thousands, so we can flex that peaceful muscle. Petitioning and voting have a accomplished about as much as digging your own grave instead of stopping this madness. This administration are fascist to the core.

We can take this further by the example, Is violence a 1000 people walking peacefully in the streets
or the police hitting people to get out of the street. Is violence dropping bombs on a country in a illegal war, killing over a millions people(women and children included) or setting up a peace camp across from City Hall/Federal Building/etc to be a living memorial while people are dying. Is violence letting the killing continue for 3+ YEARS NOW.

December 15 and 17 14.Nov.2005 15:56


The WTO meetings will be held in Hong Kong in mid December. Actions are being planned internationally to voice opposition. Portland is currently coordinating for these 2 Days. Is it an anti-war protest? Anti Bush? It's WTO public shows of disaffection, so the answer is yes.

Bring it on...as they say.

December 10 14.Nov.2005 16:24


But bring it on December 10, as we say now. I'm glad I actually checked this out before getting too far from a computer. Noon, at the Salmon Street Fountain, Waterfront Park.

So What about Nov 17 15.Nov.2005 11:40

Gabe gabepeace@hotmail.com

So what I would like to know is if there is anything planned for Nov17? I thought that The World Cant Wait, people were planning stuff. Is this true. If it is please post so I know how I can get involved in planning. If there is anyother groups planning something big, please post so I can know how to help. If there is no planning I fear everyone will just talk about doing stuff on there own then nothing will happen. I really dont want to hear all the complaining on Nov 18th about how nothing productive happened, So lets plan.

Exploitation 15.Nov.2005 13:17

Jon Jsm_link_jsm@yahoo.com

As what I heard from the last protest against bush that there was one on the 17th, 1 & 2 of December and J20 for the anogeration of bush's election. I also hear that the "NAF" Northwest Anarchist Federation is starting or organizing this protest on the 17th. Well I took the day off work to join this one on the 17th. I think a peace protest would be cool. Ive been wanting more things to be said and done then just sitting on my ass at work. IF THERE IS ANYTHING ON THE 17th email me at  jsm_link_jsm@yahoo.com
Lets get things said and lets get things done.

plan something yourself 17.Nov.2005 02:54

two wheels good

"Is there anything planned? Is there anything planned? I'm not capable of planning anything myself!"

Sheesh. If you are a student, get your classmates together and march into a recruiting office with why you think it is BS to invade other countries that have not attacked us. If you are not a student, call up the peace organization at a school near you and ask what they're doing so that you can help them with it.

Sheesh again.