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9.11 investigation | election fraud

DON PAUL "Facing our Fascist State" Sun Nov 20th [ JFK-911 ]

New Poster. Don Paul confirmed as speaker. See link below.
DON PAUL speaks Portland Nov 20th 1-4:30 pm Central Library
DON PAUL speaks Portland Nov 20th 1-4:30 pm Central Library
poster attached

homepage: homepage: http://www.questionsquestions.net/docs04/0526_donpaul.html
phone: phone: 503 740 6776
address: address: P O Box 5441 / Portland OR 97228

Hmmmmm 07.Nov.2005 00:50

Hillbilly Anarchist

I had not heard of this speaker. With a title like that, I expected the weblink to take me to a very loonie website.

I was pleasantly suprised.

"The failing of analysis such as Chomsky's, I think, is that it stays short of identifying and examining the structures that are really most powerful and determinative in the world. And so it stays short of naming those structures' most consequential criminals. So it doesn't name, of course, the institutions and Foundations that fund and promote the limits of "structural analysis:; I mean institutions funded by Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Pews, et cetera. George Soros and his Open Society Institutes and Human Rights Watch, particularly, maintains illusions of democracy and investigation that misleads millions of people."

" I think these structures and forces and their operators are far above elected Governments. They far outstrip Governments in their reach and power. At the heart of their structure and operation is, I think, the international financial system--a cruel, abstract system that depends upon more and more exploitation of people and resources--a profoundly irrational system whose failings can only be disguised and whose operations that can only be sustained by the kind of "endless war" and Patriot Acts brought to the U.S. public after September 11, 2001."


"In my view, a secret team within the U.S. Government primarily carried out the 9/11 attacks."

I have not discarded the concept.

"The attacks could not have happened without the participation of such a team."

I am not going to assume that. Certainly, a good share of the populace believes or has been led to believe in it. Its certainly in the public imagination.

". . .The superelites' exploitative, irrational economy needed a pretext to avoid the consequences of its failings--over 1.1 million jobs had been lost in the U.S. between January and August 2001--and needed a pretext to grab control of oil and gas reserves from Central Asia. . .

Its certaintly within the capabilities of the elite. I have not discarded the concept.

". . . and to regain control of the opium potential in Afghanistan--the Taliban had cut the opium crop there from 4600 metric tons to 173 over the year before 9/11/01, removing $150-200 billion from the world's illegal economy in one year and an amount 20 times greater than $150-200 billion from Banks and Stock Markets and other legal institutions through laundering of profits from the narcotic."

Thats new to me, I'd like to see your homework - show me the evidence.

kudos to Paul 07.Nov.2005 02:21

we require 1000 more of him

Paul wrote the first 9-11 book, and penned within months after 9-11, some of the first public articles in San Francisco editorials I think. I have his book on 9-11, which I recommend for sharing. If you can, see him.

So what would constitute a "loonie" website? 07.Nov.2005 02:46


We don't want to confuse you with the facts. Your government perpetrated 9/11. They blamed a Muslim with a funny sounding name, we invade a country (2 actually) who's leader has an equally funny sounding name. America bought it, now we all pay for it. Too little too late. Better luck next time. If you want to do something about it Kill Henry Kissinger and a Rockefeller or two next time they have dinner at the Dumonet Restaurant at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

P.S. You need to book weeks in advance, and then you have to get real lucky, they might be at the Ritz that night. Fuck it I'll get a job a a bus-boy and do it for you.
A Kissinger 9/11 commission? That would have been even funnier!
A Kissinger 9/11 commission? That would have been even funnier!

"Loonie" website 07.Nov.2005 20:46


The Chemistry of the Loonie: