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The Gulf Wars

Accepting submissions for journal
Submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and artwork are being accepted for a journal titled The Gulf Wars: Iraq and Hurricane Katrina. Any material submitted should be about the US government's war on the people in Iraq and/or the continuing war on the citizens in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina; it can be about either Iraq OR Katrina, or about Iraq AND Katrina.

This journal is a graduate school project, but the editor is also seeking to get this volume published by a university or alternative press. If your submission makes the cut for the journal, it may be published later in a book, but there is no guarantee. For more information, or to submit work as a MS Word attachment, email  thegulfwars@yahoo.com
MS Word ? 06.Nov.2005 22:11


Better ditch that corporate slaveware while you still have some credibility.

Next time, ask for (ascii) Text, or Open Data Format.

You can get OpenOffice, free as in freedom, free as in beer, even for MS systems

I Love Open Source 07.Nov.2005 14:06


I used the new OpenOffice 2.0 to create a flyer yesterday... the software ROCKS. Took just a few minutes to install (after one-hour download), and it's totally free though one can make a money donation to the project if they want.

Free yourself from the Micro$oft tax on computer technology, the constant security weaknesses and updates, and the crashing software.