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Kerns neighborhood potluck, now indoors!

Kerns neighborhood potluck meeting tonight, INDOORS, 6PM.
Yum! We've moved the Kerns neighborhood potluck into the Common Grounds Wellness Center meeting room for the winter. If you live in the Kerns neighborhood, stop by with a dish and maybe something you want to talk about. Meet yer neighbors. If you don't live in the neighborhood, maybe check us out anyway to get ideas for your own neighborhood potluck. Wouldn't it be great if this happened in EVERY neighborhood?

Every Sunday, 6PM
2926 NE Flanders St.
update: there is an email address for writing to us now 07.Nov.2005 21:43


Hi, we've got an email address now: neighborpotlucks at riseup dawt net. If you're interested in finding out how to start a potluck in your own neighborhood, write to us and we'll tell you all about how we got ours going.
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