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Sisters of the Road Fund Raising

The holiday fund raising campaign is crucial to Sisters in the coming year.
I just received the quarterly newsletter "Sisters' Voice" from Sisters of the Road. They are now conducting their holiday fund raising, and their need is greater this year than usual. Donations to local charities are down due to the outpouring of monies sent to the hurricane disaster relief. If there is any way for you to give something to Sisters now, it will be worth a bit more. This is the annual kick-off for the Holiday Matching Grant Challenge. During November and December all gifts to Sisters of the Road will be matched 50 cents on the dollar. That means if you give $1.00, your gift becomes $1.50. Most people reading this blog already know of the great work done by Sisters, but if you would like to read more about them, go to www.sistersoftheroad.org. You may also contact Lisa Hawash at 503-222-5694 x 14 or e-mail her at  Lisa@sistersoftheroad.org.