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PDX IMC Tech Benefit: Report Back

I was just to chime in and say a few things about the benefit last night.
So if you missed the benefit, you really missed a good time. The vibe was great. $2.00 beers and vary diverse bands. The "Fuck The Corporate Media" and "Novus Ordo Nuntius Seclorum" hand printed T-shirts and posters were awesome. I think there are still some for sale, but I think quite a few were sold. The amount raised was not quite enough to buy the new server(s), but it was a couple a hundred shy. So, it may take a while longer, but this site and all other supported social justice sites should be operating much faster and smoother in the not too distant future.

I want to personally thank everyone who came and made the event happen. Really, if you missed it, you missed a good thing fo' sure. Perhaps some pictures will be posted from the event?
yah, ,yer right! 06.Nov.2005 18:12

pie rat

And the videos shown on the wall were so excellent! I was wearing my new indymedia shirt and people (well one at least) wanted to know where to get one. Bet you could make up the remainder selling shirts. And if some well-paid trade unionistas wanted to pony up some or all of the deficit how would they get the money to you?

idea for future donations 06.Nov.2005 18:51

indy volunteer

maybe at the next video showing there could be a donation jar set up that is earmarked for tech..??? That's happening the monday after turkey-slaughter weekend at It's A Beautiful Pizza at 7pm, right?

Had a great time 06.Nov.2005 21:43

New here to the PDX I am

Benefit last nite. This was the first indy shin-digg I've been to..
I met some good people, listened to some good music, and bought some really cool shirts..
The Video on the wall was a nice touch.

Currently Unemployed Trade Unionist

thanks for the memories 07.Nov.2005 15:15


That was quite a party! Would it be too taxing to have another one to make up the couple hundred in donations? I would be down for that since I only get paid every few weeks and can't donate anymore right now. Plus, it might give everyone a little more time to get the word out to those that did not know about this fundraiser.

i'm sorry i missed this 13.Nov.2005 22:40


i am bummed i missed this party, even more so after seeing the pics and reading the article about the fundraiser. i hope there will be another one like it soon that i can come to.

best regards...