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Wed. Nov. 9th Vieques Political Prisoner Day!!

Bronx 718-601-4751
Manhattan 212-927-9065
New Jersey 201-435-3244


The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling on our allies and suppoprters to
join us in demanding proper and humane treatment for our Vieques Political
Prisoners on VIEQUES POLITICAL PRISONER DAY Wed. Nov. 9th, 2005!!

On Wed. Nov. 9th, we are urging everyone who reads this email to call or fax
the prison in which Jose Velez Acosta and Jose Perez Gonzalez are
incarcerated in and demand that they receive proper medical treatment (Jose
Velez Acosta) and that their mistreatment end (Jose Perez Gonzalez).

Check the bottom of each call message below for the prison fax and phone

It is time to make these wardens bend to the will of the people!! DEMAND


At the same time that the FBI/U.S. government has assassinated Filiberto
Ojeda, is trying to arrest Antonio Camacho Negron for no good reason, one of
our 5 Puerto Rican Political Prisoners is being denied medical treatment for
a serious ailment.

Vieques Political Prisoner Jose Velez Acosta has been EXTREMELY ILL for
almost a month. He has been bleeding profusely from his rectum, feels pain
in his colon/kidney area, and has lost his appetite.

He has been given various medications, but has not undergone any medical
examinations. He has a Colonoscopy scheduled, but has not undergone the

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is urging all our allies and supporters to
download a PDF format copy of the following letter and mail it out to Warden
Tracy Johns of USP Coleman I and demand that Jose Velez Acosta receive the
medical attention he deserves!!

Mail out the letter or fax it to the Prison Fax: 352-689-6012 and if you
want call the warden personally at Phone: 352-689-6000



Vieques Political Prisoner Jose Perez Gonzalez was moved to USP Atlanta over
a month and half ago and has been kept in inhumane conditions.

He is being kept in a cell, made for two people, with three other inmates.
The other inmates are sick with TB, the linens they are being given are
soiled and stained with bodily fluids.

He is also being denied his personal belongings, fresh water, toothbrushes
and many other personal amenities. He is being kept in the cell for 23
hours a day, with only an hour for recreation.

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is urging all our allies and supporters to
download a PDF format copy of the following letter and mail it out to Warden
Zenk demand that Jose Perez Gonzalez be treated properly and that he be
transferred to a better penitentiary.

Mail out the letter or fax it to the Prison Fax: 404-331-2403 And if you
want to call the Warden at Phone: 404-635-5100


homepage: homepage: http://www.ProLibertadWeb.com

Statement by former political prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón 06.Nov.2005 16:25

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previously posted at:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/10/326955.shtml

author: www.prolibertadweb.com

The FBI has issued an arrest warrant for former Puerto Rican Political
Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón, arrested for being a part of the
MACHETEROS in the late 1980s.

Following is a statement that Antonio Camacho Negrón wrote and asked that
ProLibertad read at the Oct. 14th picket in New York City:
The allegation that the FBI has a warrant for my arrest for failure to
serve 15 more years in federal prison is false. It is a total fabrication.
The FBI is interested in sequestering me for information that I have
gathered surrounding Filiberto's death, and have approached my family with
this lie in the hopes that they will disclose my whereabouts. I am not
"hiding." I am, of course, being cautious, but I am using my cell phone,
communicating with friends and family members, and still participating in
public events. I am accessible.

I feel that the FBI will make an attempt on my life and justify it with
fabricated lies in pursuit of the information I have shared with various
elements of the Puerto Rican media, as well as to quell the revolutionary
spirit that has been activated by Filiberto's death. The FBI will resort
to acts of terrorism against me and others who are calling for a full
investigation of Filiberto's death to terrify and silence the people from
demanding the truth.

Earlier this week, there were allegations by provocateur elements in
Puerto Rico who have made bold attempts to smear the name and reputation
of Filiberto's wife. I believe that the smear tactics are a strategic ploy
by the federal government to ruin her credibility as a witness to events
that led to her husband's assassination. I fully support Filiberto's wife
and family and trust the integrity and solidarity that has been instilled
in each and every member by the late Puerto Rican leader.

I have never been nor will ever be a fugitive from US agencies. I have
honored this sentence to the fullest extent, and publicly exercise my
right to express my political and moral views on the colonization of
Puerto Rico by the United States, which has made me one of the targets for
censure, incarceration, and ultimately assassination.

I am calm and collected, heartened by the reawakened spirit of the Puerto
Rican people, who have truly understood the social and political
implications of the death of the great patriot Filiberto Ojeda Rios.
Statehooders, independentistas, and the undecided all understand that
Filiberto's death was a political assassination carried out by the U.S. to
demoralize the Puerto Rican community, and to quell any and all dissent
regarding the liberation of Puerto Rico, anti-war beliefs, and other
social justice voices that seek dignity, sovereignty, and democracy.

I need the community at large to be vigilant about the conduct of law
enforcement agents to safeguard my life, and the lives of my friends and
family members. The community should demand a thorough investigation on
Filiberto's death, and that the process be transparent and secure the
human, civil, and social rights of Filiberto's family, friends, and

The community must demand that law enforcement agents and their leadership
be charged with the crimes they are guilty of and that they be punished to
the fullest extent of the law.

I love Puerto Rico, and am proud of my people and my heritage, and I will
never waive my right to defend Puerto Rico.

For more information, visit the ProLibertad website: www.prolibertadweb.com

Free All Political Prisoners!
 nycjericho@riseup.net • www.jerichony.org