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CHAOS IN FRANCE: last night 1300 cars burned in Paris!

the spontaneous uprising in france continues. it has began 10 days ago in the suburbs of paris - meantime it has spread out all over france.
fire fighters, police stations, schools, kindergardens, companies, bus depots, power plants are set on fire. last night the riots reached even the center of paris. 1300 cars burned - a new record. the night before 900 cars burned, the night before that night 600 cars...
mistake 06.Nov.2005 12:57

mike theodirakis

sorry mistake: not fire fighters are set on fire - fire fighter stations are set on fire...

really? 06.Nov.2005 13:27


I think thats 1300 total....I may be wrong.

let's see how French police react to the "riots' in a country 06.Nov.2005 17:42

that rejected the fascist EU constitution...

sounds like false flag terrorism to me. Watch out for that fascist police guy who is said to be running for President of France. Remember how Putin blew up apartment buildings in 1999 and entered power on a "law and order" ticket--after he was the terrorist?

I would withhold our collective judgements about this, until we see the French establishment reactions.... and more information becomes known. I find it hard to imagine that merely 2 electrocuted kids have led to all this being sparked. Perhaps one or two nights in Paris, sure, for riots. Though when suddenly it goes on and on and terrorizes the public, well, we know what a terrorized public gets right? Total fascist victimization from its government, which may actually be piggybacking on the original riots to sell NWO to france. After all France was the single country that rejected the EU. Now it will be integrated the "hard way"--with a more police heavy regime.

OK, just for argument's sake, I will make that prediction. Take it as you will.

The real battle will be stopping France turning itself into a police state carbon-copy of the USA.

1,300 last night 06.Nov.2005 19:00


According to washington post coverage, 1,300 were burned last night, and about 3,200 total in the past week. The big story is on the top of www.washingtonpost.com

Update on car # 06.Nov.2005 19:05


The wikipedia story (link above) now puts the reported total cars burned at 3,500--as of Sunday afternoon.

Ugly thing 08.Nov.2005 07:59


Nothing will be the same again in France! The Euro will fall down and Europe won't be so kindly with the minorities!