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Cops putting searchlights in our window?

I live in NE Portland on 82nd. A very cheap place to get an apartment but alot of victumless crime activity about (drugs/prostitution.) Its strange being around the police all the time, zooming back and forth, my old hood didn't have them around hardly ever.
Today my roomate and I were walking into her room from the living room when we noticed what looked like a high powered spot light coming through the curtains. It was an unusually bright light, I don't think it was just a regular flashlight, much brighter. Anyway we looked outside and saw a cop car going slowly down 82nd flashing this spotlight in our neighbors windows. What are they doing? Just seeing who is up? If they are looking for someone they wouldnt get any useful id through curtains. I feel kinda violated.. I wonder if people or children were woken up by thier bedrooms being flooded with light.
encroaching military state 06.Nov.2005 09:29


I have a feeling they are providing little hints as to what's to come. I suggest we all heed the warnings and prepare for the Revolution. Um, yeah, literally. No more talk.

Welcome to the real America 06.Nov.2005 11:51


Okay, not the "real America", but the America that many experience but few talk about. I also live up near 82nd and I concur that the police presence is nearly constant. Yes that is part of the military state, but it's been going on for a long time, nothing new (no reason not to resist!) Ironically though, the other day I was visiting a friend who lives up in the west hills and we were messing around in a park. There were some teenagers (I'm barely no longer a teenager myself) there and apparently green lush public spaces are not suitable hangouts for teenagers as a cop pulled up to them to tell them to leave. After they took off the cop circled the block slowly using a super powered flashlight like described above, I was definitely creeped out. Minutes later the teenagers returned, so the panopticon state is not exactly perfected! Just interesting that the rich use the same surveillance on themselves, or at least their children, that they use on the lower income neighborhoods.

just a guess 06.Nov.2005 20:27

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

The cops might be looking to see who's peeking out the window to see if they've been followed. If you run inside to get away from the cops don't stand there looking out the window to see if the cops are outside. Just cracking the venietian blinds to look out is enough to get their attention.

Otherwise you could fight back with a mirror or your own spotlight.

? 07.Nov.2005 14:43


Did you ever think they might be looking for an address? Im an EMT and I use spotlights every night to find house numbers. Next time I am looking for your house in the dark I will be sure to not use my light and drive around looking for your house in the dark while you wait for help. Jesus Christ just becuase you see a spotlight doesnt me someone is trying to see who you are. Maybe the cops are looking to see if someone is climbing through your window?

Through Wall Radar 28.Jan.2006 23:15


Sounds like the through the wall radar to me. I've read they look like high powered flashlights and can see through sheetrock, concrete, windows with curtains and thin metals. They are supposed to be used for finding people under debris after a hurricane, bomb, whatever. It would seem that not only the police are now getting them, but some regular criminals with connections. What a great way for thieves to know what you have and when your away!