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MASS DEATH in Pakistan

The official death toll from the Pakistan earthquake jumped to 73,000 on November 2nd while we were marching against Bush. The U.N. has asked the global community for $550 million in further aid for relief efforts in the region as many injured are still isolated in remote places dying slow and horrible deaths. So far only 131 million has been pledged and I do not have the words to express the outrage and depression this fact fills me with.
"Egeland said foreign aid for the quake relief has so far been far less than what it was following last year's Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, which killed 178,000 people and left an additional 50,000 missing.

After the tsunami, "we had about 1,000 helicopters active from the countries concerned, and from the whole international community. We have about one-tenth of this in this emergency, and we need helicopters just as badly," Egeland told PBS."
- http://www5.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/11/02/soasia.quake.aid.ap/

According to NationalPriorities.com the War in Iraq has so far cost the taxpayers of Multnomah County alone over $344 million. Where are the TV commericials featuring ex-US presidents pleading for the American people to extend their charity to the people of Pakistan?

The Red Cross keeps most of the donations for themselves 06.Nov.2005 00:52


If you want to help out these poor people before winter hits then give to Pakistani organizations directly, the Red Cross is tapped out. They have plenty of "excess" money, but are too slow. They should be renamed the Red Tape. This is URGENT. No shelter in Kashmir is BAD, REALLY BAD.

How to Help: Online: www.mercycorps.org Phone: 1-800-852-2100 Mail: Mercy Corps, PAKISTAN EARTHQUAKE Relief Fund, Dept NR, PO Box 2669, Portland OR 97208
Give ten bucks,...anything, please?
Give ten bucks,...anything, please?

Dump the Red Cross, they blew it. 06.Nov.2005 01:19


The "International Red Cross" is the only organization allowed to go behind
enemy lines during wartime or what the Masons would term the "Theatre of
War". Why do you think this is. How are they somehow IMMUNE? Because
The "Red Cross" goes back to the Rosycrucians. The Order of the Rosy Cross.
Rose Croix. This Order was put together by a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.
Jean de Gisors. "L' Ordre De La Rose Croix Veritas" or the "Order of the True
Red Cross" was organized in 1188. (The Knight's Templar, a creation of the Priory of Sion,
had first used the Red Cross, having borrowed it from "Ormus", a gnostic adept of Alexandria.
The Priory then re-introduced it after a supposed "falling out" of the two orders. This was the
beginning of the New Rosycrucian movement. (ROSYCRUCIAN=RED CROSS)

if only we weren't embroiled in Iraq 06.Nov.2005 04:53

lindasuemedic lindasuemedic@comcast.net

I was an Army medic, I keep dreaming that the troops and$$$ tied down in Iraq could have been a golbal National Guard, able to use America's resources to help by mobilizing hospitals, search and rescue (not search and destroy) missions.

wonderful dream 06.Nov.2005 10:48


If only more would share that dream, lindasuemedic...