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KBOO Community Calendar boosts Portland Indymedia Tech Collective Benefit

Just a big thank you for listing your fundraiser in KBOO's online calendar. FYI it was one of about four events on online calendar that also went out with KBOO's On Air calendar today.
And while we're at it, thanks to those who list on portland.indymedia calendar--it's a real asset to the lefty, radical, hyper-progressive communities throughout the near-Cascadia region.

~~GlenOwen~~KBOO web guy, kinda more or less, most of the time

homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.fm/calendar/detail.php?event_id=5584&w=0
phone: phone: 503 287 3473

How does that work? 05.Nov.2005 22:47


I've often wondered whether the online calendar submissions ever made it to the one that's read aloud throughout the day... is it just random, whether there are a lot of events that day or something?

Thank you too, Glen, for all you do!

A quick explanation of KBOO's community calendar 06.Nov.2005 00:05

ani - kboo's volunteer coordinator volunteer@kboo.org

Hey there-

Since you asked, let me tell you about how the KBOO calendar works.

Folks can submit items to the calendar to be read on air in one of several ways-- they can email it to  cckboo@yahoo.com, or fax it to 503-231-7145 ATTN: COM CAL, or post it on-line (kboo.fm/calendar at the bottom of the page there is a button to click if you want to post an item), or drop a flyer by the station during business hours and put it in the community calendar box.

The volunteers that produce/ write and record the on-air calendar select from a number of items submitted, and often will have to choose between several more than they would be able to announce (it is only a 3 minute recorded piece, generally speaking that's only a fraction of the announcements that we receive).

When something is submitted to the on-line calendar, as long as it fits within our guidelines and it was submitted in time, it will be posted. This means that there is no selection for "space" needs, it just needs to fit in our guidelines (which can be found on that site). The other thing to keep in mind about the on-line calendar is that it must be moderated by someone who will screen announcements to insure that they are within our guidelines-- this happens a couple of times per week-- so submitting something within a day or three of the event won't necessarily work for you, as they say, "timing is everything"; it is best to give us plenty of lead time to lessen chances of disappointment.

Thanks for asking!

503-231-8032 ext 213

KBOO on air calendar -- "from the trenches" 07.Nov.2005 20:01

Sun Leeglen

cckboo@ etc has become so congested that it's best to leave word (by phone, business hours 503 231 8032) for Glen Owen (Mon, Tue and often weekend) or Sun Lee (Wed, Thur, contributes to weekend) for inclusion in ON AIR calendar.

One time only event--even for several day event--has preference to ongoing activities for inclusion ON AIR.

First place we look when compiling on-air script is KBOO ON-LINE calendar (free events and specified fundraisers only), then our INDIVIDUAL boxes (Glen=Box 62 Sun Lee=? ask KBOO receptionist), then usually a glence at indymedia calendar for something red hot we may have missed from other source, and rarely, on a REALLY SLOW day we'll even give Craig'as list a glance.

Do NOT put your faith in cckboo (we don't even mention cckboo on the KBOO website anymore) or necessarily hard copy unless you back it up with a phone call as above.