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corporate dominance

When Protest no longer works

The rise of corporate dominane in regards to Govrnment controls.
When asked by Ron Arnold on Fox News about my position of why I am against the "Corporation", I replied simply.. "I'm not against Corporations", let's face it - Companies do many good and wonderful things however, they have become a monster/Disease in which the American people stand to lose.

American believe they have control of the government, this is hardly the case, further they believe that protesting by peaceful means will help their cause.

My experience indicates other wise. Governments only get bigger, they never decrease, more laws are created. Because Companies have so much influence on government, laws favor them over people. People no longer have control of government in Cities, Counties, State and Federal. If this was true, Why do people ALWAYS slow down when they see a cop car while driving. This is only one of many examples.

We see it all the time. Unemployment Courts favoring companies, laws created to keep the middle and lower income person down. Customer Service jobs instead of the jobs of the past. Laws created like Criminal Background checks on everyone applying for jobs, amazing enough is that law in and of itself is keeping people down, how can a person trying to improve his/her life get better when they can't get a job. Even worse is that if they are on probation it requires them having a job, self defeating to say the least. 24 hour school zones, prescriptions for cold medicine, fee's for everything under the sun. Toll tax..

all signs of Government out of control. It's okay say the rich "See they pay also", but wait, they can afford it. Their income went up sometimes in record numbers, it hardle matches a 2% raise or 45 cents per hour more for me... My NEW insurance cost more then that...

The middle class is being erased, and with that the wealthy and corporate elite has taken charge, soon only a select few will control everything we the people use to, if they don't already.
so.. When asked what type of Government would I have... I replied.. Which through them off guard.. But I also said eventually overtime, like all governments including ours..

Will turn into a Dictatorship of Sorts.. Then they said why bother forming a new government. When Government becomes ineffective towards it's own people, it is time for a new government and the United States is There.. But I did see their point. The best answer I had was it would at least give american's more time of freedom once again.

They asked about reforms.. I had to laugh, America has been reforming for how many years and .. The results.... Hmmm.. Still waiting....Hmmm... So I explained the only way to get a government to change and although I am Certainly not for this, I think it is a wrong approach but maybe the only way possible given history, IS TO make Your government fear you. When asked about that.. I simply said, You would have to take out key government officials and those who sponsor them.. The Corporate elite before change in Government could ever change in America, because simply.. Protest does not work..

Troy Prouty* Indy Media..
Wrong tactic entirely 05.Nov.2005 16:57

Concerned revolutionary

Assassinating or in the words of Pat Robertson "taking out" officials has not only been historically ineffective (for revolutionaries) but it sends the wrong message. It sends the message that these individual political officials have such enormous power (which they do not) that normally peace loving hippies and anarchists are willing to murder them in cold blood. The politicians that are bought and paid for by Corporate Amerikkka are merely mouth pieces to assist in mystifying the true operations of power and calm the masses, they do not exercise some supernatural power which will be broken upon their passing. Assassination is not a tactic to be "resorted to" when times get tough, it is likely something to be avoided entirely. But I agree that rallying and marching are not enough to dethrone Bush or transform society, there is much figuring to do and it must be done quickly. We Americans are in a unique position to take out Bush and greatly destabilize the global corporate machine because we live in an industrialized nation with lots electronic recording devices, computers and the first amendment. It's harder for the ruling class to squash civil disobedience here than in South America or the middle east. We have to greedily and strategically use that advantage before it is melted away and resolidified into the hands of our corporate overlords.

hmmm 05.Nov.2005 17:36

you sure?

It's harder for the ruling class to squash civil disobedience here than in South America or the middle east

And yet there is more covil disobedience in other places. Seems to me the ruling class has very effectively squashed civil disobedience and even discussion of civil disobedience in the U.S. public. Genrally the public has no idea that the freedoms they enjoy (though swiftly slipping away) came through civil disobedience. U.S. labor is reeling, wages dropping, pensions promised, not delivered, longer hours, less say, and still there is very little public discourse.

Tactics 05.Nov.2005 17:57

George Bender

I agree that assasination is not the answer, mainly because it gives our opponents the green light to retaliate in kind. We don't need another civil war. Also they'll just replace one asshole with another, Bush with Cheney.

However, I like what they're doing in France, destroying property. Are even our young people too timid to do that here? I'll admit, at 65, I'm not likely to do it, but that could change. I would certainly cheer from the sidelines. Too much that is outrageous is going on in this country. The authorities ARE killing us by denying medical care, to the tune of some 18,000 excess deaths per year.

Almost any tactic will not get immediate results, and it's often difficult, when you get change, to say what caused it, for example the end of the Vietnam War. I think we should go with common sense and assume that protesting does help create more pressure for change. We need to use more imagination to get the public's attention.

I also believe that political reform movements can create change, if they're carefully aimed. Check out some of the initiatives proposed for 2006.

The hardest thing is to get any significant number of people to support anything. There are never enough volunteers. It seems that everyone is looking for some lame excuse to not do anything, and to stop other people from doing anything. We need to mass and focus our forces.

I think you misunderstood 05.Nov.2005 17:57

Concerned revolutionary

I agree that through various mean, one of them being the indoctrination of people with "The Capitalist Story", the Amerikkkan ruling class has succesfully kept the public from enganging in progressive dailogue about the future of their country, I did not mean to deny this. When I talked about the squashing of civil disobedeince I meant the direct physical actions taken by armed forces against masses of protestors. You're right that there is a lot more resistance in other countries (both because of greater economic suffering and less indoctrination), so I guess it is yet to be seen if the kind of actions that will be taken by US authorities as our numbers grow will be any more merciful than those used in foriegn countries. Regardless, we live in the belly of the beast and so we have a hightened responsibility to the rest of the world to mount resistance to global tyranny directed out of our backyards.

The Paris Riots of '05 05.Nov.2005 23:21

Concerned revolutionary

The youth of the suburbs of Paris are definitely releasing their collective anger onto the streets in a way that cannot be ignored. I agree this is a hundred times better than them seeking to empower themselves by joining gangs that fight amongst eachother. But what will be achieved when the riots are eventually quelled or end of their own accord? They alone will not bring social change, though they WILL unfortunately provide a fresh example of "poor dark people endangering us [rich light people]" to be held up to appeal to the xenophobic strain which runs through every demographic of the population in every country. But of course this freshly renewed fear will most benefit the racial supremacists and the super rich whom are always seeking new reasons to dismiss and neglect those dark and poor people further. It will be the job of all of us to seek to understand the economic/cultural/historical context of these riots and to disregard stereotypes and not allow a few anecdotal stories of genuine tragedy (which who knows, could end up being fraudulent not unlike various post-katrina stories) to be an excuse to condemn all the rioters as "scum."

Better Tactics 06.Nov.2005 02:41


Stop repeating that lame mantra, "We need to mass...".

Deal with the reasons people won't "support anything".

Maybe they have better reasons than you. In any case, if they don't agree with you, and you go ahead and round them up anyway, they will see you the same way they see anybody who rounds them up for cannon-fodder.