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zaki 3

Where have ye gone?
Where are ye laghter and song?

Will I truely see ye again?
In thee blessed place of thee heavens?

Emptyness envelopes me in sorrow,
what purpose is there in tommorow?

Ye left so suddenly and without a goodbye,
as a sparrow not retuning into the sky.

I am left here without your laugh and ye smile,
not within reach regardless of my travel for mile upon mile

God, please protect Fouad, and embrace him with your love,
let him watch us with joy from above.

I am alone among many, many people,
I pray for ye and ye families soul.

Have I failed ye? Have I not commenced with your wish?
Or have I commenced with my own selfishness?

Should I have fallen in ye place?
Is this world truely an evil place?

I loved you, and still do,
please, guide me with love from ye.

And still am I alone