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France: Riots or Revolution?

the media keep calling them "riots"
The uprising in France, in it's 9th day, appears to be gaining momentum. Corporate media generally describes the participants as north African and arab youth.

Apparently most news reports still maintain the official denial that the two young boys who were electrocuted were being chased by French authorities.

The New York Times reports coordinated movements to nationalize the skirmishes.

"Although the police have been unable to stop the violence because of its apparent spontaneity and lack of clear leaders, officials say they have also begun to detect efforts to coordinate action and spread it nationally. In remarks on Europe 1 Radio, the prosecutor general in Paris, Yves Bot, said Web sites were urging youths in other cities to join the rioting."
 link to www.nytimes.com

Meanwhile, in one French town, police seem confused...
Reasons 05.Nov.2005 11:19

Red Tree

Some are saying that "organizations" are fueling this riot or revolution, and "cells" are mentioned. Here is an article which might more closely record the truth.

 link to www.iht.com

900 05.Nov.2005 12:29

smells like... revolution!?

this night 900 cars burned... 36 busses, some companies and so on....

Americas Argue Trade; Protests Wreak Havoc 05.Nov.2005 12:43

Bird Dog

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina (AP) - President Bush and Latin American leaders entered a final day of talks Saturday to debate the future of a hemisphere-wide free trade bloc, meeting behind an array of street barricades and armed security forces at a summit tarnished by violent street protests.

As the summit was inaugurated Friday, rioters smashed the glass storefronts of at least 30 businesses, set fire to a bank and battled police with slingshots and rocks. Police fought back with tear gas and made 64 arrests. No major injuries were reported.

The United States is hoping to use the America's Summit to build support for reviving the Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA, which would eliminate trade barriers from Canada to Chile. It has stalled amid opposition from Venezuela, Brazil and others.

The violent demonstrators failed to break through the first of several police blockades protecting Bush and the other world leaders, and the summit's inauguration ceremony took place without a hitch on Friday.

Saturday, Nov. 5

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``What I'm most upset about is that I'll bet you Bush wasn't even told about'' the riot, said Mar Del Plata Mayor Daniel Katz.

On Saturday, summit negotiators are expected to draw up a summit declaration that could call for relaunching talks on the proposed FTAA - an ambitious proposal originally raised in 1994 at the first Americas summit in Miami.

Mexican President Vicente Fox said the FTAA proposal would move forward in any event because 29 of the 34 nations taking part in the summit were considering cobbling together their own FTAA - minus opponents like Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The bloc would rival the European Union as the world's largest, but its creation has been stalled for years amid bickering over U.S. farm subsidies and other obstacles.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez emerged as the most strident opponent of the free trade bloc, addressing more than 20,000 protesters hours before the summit's inauguration.

``Only united can we defeat imperialism and bring our people a better life,'' he said, adding: ``Here, in Mar del Plata, FTAA will be buried!''

Chavez wants an anti-FTAA deal based on socialist ideals, and he has used his country's oil wealth to build support, offering fuel with preferential financing to various Caribbean and Latin American countries.

Washington seems little concerned about Venezuela's vocal opposition.

``It's become clear as the negotiations have moved forward that there is significant support within the region for economic integration and for a Free Trade Area of the Americas,'' said Thomas Shannon, the new assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs.

Outside Mar del Plata, other anti-American protests also turned violent. Four police officers were injured in Rosario in clashes that followed an attack on a branch of a U.S.-based Citibank. And in the capital city of Buenos Aires, activists tossed Molotov cocktails at a U.S.-based bank and two fast food restaurants, including a McDonald's.

In neighboring Uruguay, hooded protesters chanting anti-Bush slogans attacked a series of bank buildings, shops and shattered windows in an outburst swiftly quelled by riot police. Leftist groups were blamed.

Most Argentines seemed to reject the violence.

``I don't like Bush, but this is too much,'' said Ramon Madrid, a hotel manager in Mar del Plata who hurriedly closed up after rioters smashed the windows of a bakery three doors down. ``There is no need for violence.''

Graciela Tablar, a bank teller, surveyed the chaos in Mar del Plata after the rioters fled and pronounced it ``very sad.'' Tablar had taken part in the peaceful protest march by some 10,000 people earlier Friday, but lamented, ``the protest people will remember is the violent one.''

Associated Press Writers Bill Cormier, Alan Clendenning, Nestor Ikeda and Vivian Sequera contributed to this report from Mar del Plata.

The Revolution Starts NOW!!!!

How about a bit Of Humor 05.Nov.2005 13:00

Bird Dog

Justice in the streets is FREEDOM 05.Nov.2005 13:09


The Rodney King riots in L.A. were the result of justice denied. So is this, but American indoctrinated Fox news sheep think it is France's payback for not joining "Operation Iraqi Genocide"
U.S. propaganda is less humorous these days
U.S. propaganda is less humorous these days