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Don't Miss The Portland Indymedia Tech Benefit!

Don't miss The Portland Indymedia Tech benefit 11/5/05 (Saturday).
Come and support your local Independent Media Center by stopping by FREE GEEK on Saturday, November 5th starting at 8:30 P.M. It's $5 at the door. There will be beer, dvd's, t-shirts for a donation, live bands, give-away's and of course much, much more.

All donations will be going to the Portland Indymedia Tech Working group to help them get new servers for your website, Portland Indymedia. Volnteers are hoping to reach a goal of $1,500 so don't miss out! Be a part of the media revolution that is happening world wide! Don't hate the media, become the media. Come and support this truely amazing community outlet, and the people who help keep it going. See you there!
img 05.Nov.2005 12:01


When we hit you up, we like to make it fun.
When we hit you up, we like to make it fun.

yay for tinfoil hats! 05.Nov.2005 12:57

regular reader

nice touch. a response to the critics of "conspiracy theories" on pdx indymedia? i like. ;)

Hell yeah! 05.Nov.2005 14:47


I'll be there!

Where??? 05.Nov.2005 19:19

New Reader

Where's this at???????

FreeGeek 05.Nov.2005 20:11

there now

on 10th between market and mill SE (that's 3 blocks south of Hawthorne). t-shirts are experiencing brisk sales. sound check is starting.


fuckin' check it out 05.Nov.2005 22:16


and come on down! the music's just starting. the kegs'r'flowing... and we're getting MUCH friendlier.
rev p
rev p
gorgeous dropnby's
gorgeous dropnby's
live and beautiful
live and beautiful

Now the Rain can return 05.Nov.2005 22:52

Drenchlands drenchlands@comcast.net

Remember what I said. contact me if you don't reach your goal.
downpour on the way

thanks 06.Nov.2005 00:48

pdx techie

Wish you had stayed to chat, things are still heating up here, lots of dancing, good music, high spirits, fun for the whole family.

Thanks for having us over 07.Nov.2005 18:21

GCL1 (dRED.i Movement) dredimusic@yahoo.com

Thanks to everyone who put us up, fed us, gave us a place to perform, and made us feel welcome. We were happy to come thru and add on to a fun and important event. Next time we'll bring the other emcee and our dj.

GCL1 (Greg)
minister of information
dRED.i Movement