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Sisters of the Road to Celebrate 26th Anniversary

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4(al-Masakin) Sisters of the Road Cafe which serves Portland's destitute through barter trade for meals will close at 1pm Friday Nov. 11 to prepare for the celebration and will re-open for an anniversary party 5-9pm which will include music and refreshments.
Open to everyone, Sisters of the Road Cafe offers a unique community diven response to local poverty by allowing homeless and poverty stricken local residents the opportunity to trade labor for meals, while also having the versatility of being able to accept electronic food stamps (EBT) and cash for hot meals.

At Sister of the Road, poor people trade their labor washing dishes and serving food, among other tasks, at a rate of $6.00 per hour for hot meals that sell for $1.25 per plate. Their ability to accept EBT food stamps for hot meals is unprecedented in Oregon state which adheres to the draconian Federal standard which allows EBT food stamps users to buy only uncooked and unprepared foods.

Sisters of the Road Cafe is no ordinary soup kitchen. Their menu is both hearty and healthy. Perhaps their most unique aspect is their expessed intention to build positive social relations between the poor whom they serve and the service provider. Their motto is: "In here there are no strangers...just friends we've never met."

Sisters of the Road Cafe's website may be accessed at:  http://www.sistersoftheroadcafe.org/

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