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psyciatric health care in america is a sham!!! Please read.

Beware of shitty health care providers
This is a formal complaint alleging substandard ethical behavior and fraud through deceit.
The doctor's name is Noel M Jarvis Ph.D. 1130 SW Morrison, Portland, OR 97205 - 2217 (503) 274-1054

On or about November 25 2004 I was referred through my personal physician to Dr Jarvis for long term symptoms of depression with suicidal idealizations. The diagnosis of post traumatic stress was also made at this time.

Dr Jarvis failed to inform me that my prognosis was extremely poor, having discovered this on my own through research I confronted Dr Jarvis with my discoveries and was told that she knew that. I asked the point of continuation of therapy and was told that it would be extremely beneficial. Having faith I believed this.

I assert that Dr Jarvis, having not done the honest thing in telling me my prognosis deliberately and knowingly cloistered me and built false hopes with the intent of defrauding myself and my insurance company.

Dr Jarvis had an ethical responsibility to let me know that she was not the best candidate to help me. This she did not do.

After the first 20 sessions I became concerned and started asking more questions about her qualifications (something I should have done up front, admittedly) Dr Jarvis was not forthcoming with her answers and to this day I do not know how qualified she was to treat me.

My family and I live below the poverty line primarily due to my inability to mitigate the effects of post traumatic stress syndrome. The sessions that were conducted fraudulently I would like reimbursement due to our limited income and finite number of approved visits. I need those sessions back so I can get real help, lives depend on it.

Dr Jarvis is struggling in her practice and a review of her records should indicate this. It was all about the money after all.

In addition multiple requests over several weeks were made for a referral to a doctor who might be more qualified to assist and was flatly denied. Requests for medication that were known to help were also flatly denied.

When confronted with the fact that I was now on to her, Dr Jarvis became irrational and asked me to leave and never return.

When asked if insurance would be billed for the terminated session she replied ABSOLUTELY! Having now asserted my knowledge of her fraudulent and unethical business practices and that a willful fraud had been perpetrated she asked that I leave again. When I asserted my right for a refund or the ability to complete the session my insurance company paid fore she accused me of blackmail and called the police.

I believe that Dr Jarvis has a lot to learn about ethics and hope that she can some day reconcile the pain, valuable wasted time and significant financial loss incurred. Please help restore my faith and investigate this matter to the fullest.

Sincerely Neal L. Forbes.
6105 Bonita Rd #k103
Lake Oswego, OR 97035.
Oh yea 04.Nov.2005 16:41

Shoot me now.....please.

Oh yea, If there are any qualified psyciatrists in Portland who feel a moral or ethical obligation to help, please contact me.

Thought not....

.....................Sounds of crickets chirping.................................

See dr jarvis! I was right about human nature! Nieve twit.

quacks.. and reputationally ill schills (sell outs to pharmacos) 04.Nov.2005 18:58


We are follwoing this here too in southern Oregon it's a problem for HS and older voluntary intakes..

I'm not a social services worker but I know enough to act when bad things happen. More later

Please 05.Nov.2005 12:35



Be sure to get copies of your records from the doctor. You will need to fill out a form, request your "entire medical record" and "treatment plan"; for the reason "patient request" is adequate. Actually I advise everyone to do this at least annually with all the doctors they have seen.