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friends abroad: buy them or bully them with bullets?

Demand transparency in all transactions and buy any loyalties we need, collecting a tax called "peace of mind and cooperation".

you can't buy love? well you surely can't force someone to be lovely.

anyone who has seen "Tie me up, Tie me down" might disagree, but the world isn't always a Spanish movie...
On the topic of money... It seems to me (and I'm no genius) that money could be the smoking gun in any situation worth investigating. It's obviously the most valuable thing going.

Anyways, I had this idea the other day and it goes along with "buying friends"...

Wouldn't it be much easier to just buy the Iraqis allegiance and cooperation than fighting them for it? What if we just left? Today. "Goodbye and good-luck" "Oh, and here's a number you can contact us at if you need anything." There would be a short period of upheaval, probably no worse than what is going on now. Then we make it very public that the world is prepared to make availible all the funds that were going into fighting- [all that money] would be availible to help the Iraqis with their objectives. On one condition... that everything done with the money is done with complete transparency and subject to the views of the rest of the world. (yes we'd like a reciept with that) ...it seems that if we just removed Saddam, and made the 170 billion dollars we've spent availible to the Iraqis without destroying their civilization ala Shock and Awe, they'd like us enough to let us build Starbucks and sell us oil.

We could have even said before the war- "hey we want to help Iraq back unto it's feet- we'll give you 170 billion, just give us Saddam, and show us your invoices.

Is that too far out?

And on that same note, when people cooperate... or nominate or appoint each other for positions, shouldn't it be governments job to make sure their allegiance is to the betterment of the American people and not to each others private businesses?

I think the current cabal will be happy to leave in '08 now that they have milked the system for all they could and set themselves up for years to come.

what do you think about transparent money trails?

Government's most important job seems so be to monitor the way "wealth" is created. Yet, it seems that it is taboo for people to look at it this way. De-regulation is anti-gov. We are all government, it is not an entity we should loathe.

Tax Corportate Greed. Use the money to buy friends. If wealth is used for positive purposes, then profits and deals won't need to be a secret, and success will be able to be celebrated by all (at least more).

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