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Peter Young Support Demo - Nov.8th @ Noon

As bad as it could get, it will never be as bad as it was for those mink, I would do it all over again." - Peter Young

Animal Liberation Prisoner Peter Young will have his last court date on November 8th and will appear for sentencing in Madison Wisconsin. Altogether, Peter's involvement led to the release of approximately 10,000 mink who would have otherwise been brutally murdered for their fur. Several fur farmers will be present at this court date to tell the judge how Peter ruined their livelyhood by liberating the mink on their farms. Show your support for Peter and the countless number of animals being brutally slaughtered for their fur.
He's in there for the animals, we're out here for him!
He's in there for the animals, we're out here for him!
Peter Young Support Demo, Portland OR
When: Portland OR, Tues. Nov. 8th @ NOON
Where: Meet at Schumacher Fur Store at 739 SW 10TH Ave Portland, OR. We will then be going to other Fur Stores AND Fur Farms in Support of Peter

If you can't make it, please pass the word along to a friend.
If you'd like to read more about Peter's case.
Check out www.supportpeter.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportpeter.com

Schumacher's New Location 04.Nov.2005 16:05


Schumacher Fur Company has moved - they are now located at 811 SW Morrison on the corner of 9th and Morrison. If you can't join us on Tuesday - call them at 503 222-4596 - and tell them what you think of their bloody operation.