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Italian tried to warn that the Iraq Niger uranium deal was fake

Yesterday, Italian Senator Massimo Brutti told the press that Italy had warned that the Iraq-Niger Uranium connexion was phony. But soon after, he *retracted* his statement saying he was confused.
Yesterday morning, AP originally reported that --

An Italian lawmaker says Italy told the US weeks before the Iraq war started that information about Iraq trying to get uranium from Africa was fake.
The lawmaker (Massimo Brutti) told reporters after a briefing by Italy's intelligence chief that the warning was given about the same time as President Bush's 2003 State of the Union address -- in which he claimed Saddam Hussein was trying to get uranium, which casn be used to make nuclear weapons.
the claim was used to bolster the push for war in Iraq, but was later deemed unreliable.

Yesterday afternoon, AP retracted the story saying that, "Questions have arisen about what was said at the briefing for Italian lawmakers."

Many news agencies have released this original story, ignoring or just missing the retraction. Earlier today, the original version of the story was all over the web, but as of this writing, it is getting harder to find. So it seems the retraction was successful -- the story is going right down the proverbial Memory Hole.

What I read into this is that Mr. Brutti first spoke the truth, and someone pointed out the error of his ways, and then he told a more correct lie. Mind you, I'm no conspiracy theorist. I'm only paranoid. And I might be wrong -- it might be that he simply was confused.

But the story still lives at the Register (link at bottom). Not only that, but the story about the AP retraction as well. The original story -- if true -- is *huge* news. Or at least should be. I find it completely plausible. It fits with the PNAC agenda, the aluminum tubes, the Downing Street Memos (remember that?) and the all the rest of the so-called intelligence that seemed to be so obviously fabricated to win consent to invade Iraq.

No one with any clout or subpoena power has ever investigated the origin of this bogus document (to my knowledge). Why not, I'd like to know. Perhaps Fitzgerald is on it, but I'll not hold my breath.

From the Register - search for Massimo Brutti
 link to www.registerguard.com