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FLASH! A Majority of Americans Now Favors Impeachment!

Between June and October, Zogby has found that support for impeachment of the president has risen from 42 percent of the public to 53 percent. When will the Democrats act?

Impeachment of the president has gone mainstream.

An astonishing 53 percent of Americans in a new poll released today by Zogby International now support impeachment of President George W. Bush if it can be shown that he lied to get the US into a war with Iraq.

Equally stunning, the poll, which was commissioned by the organization After Downing Street, shows that even among so-called independents, support for impeachment is 50 percent, and among Republicans, it has reached 29 percent or more than one in four.

The poll, which surveyed 1200 people across the country during the Oct. 29-November 2 period, shows a marked rise in support for impeachment in recent months.

In late June, Zogby, a non-partisan survey organization, polled using the same question, and found 42 percent of the public in favor of impeachment of the president.

Less than a month ago, Ipsos Public Affairs also polled on impeachment and found 50 percent in favor.

John Zogby confesses to having been "surprised" at the latest result, calling the 19 percent shift in favor of impeachment over four months' time "remarkable" and "much higher than I expected."

The numbers have to be worrisome to an increasingly embattled White House. After all, it suggests that a higher proportion of the American public now favors impeachment than voted for him, even using the official vote totals from the scandal-plagued 2004 election.

The numbers will give new urgency and energy to several grass-roots organizations, including Democrats.com, Democracy Rising, and Not In Our Name, which are all pressing for impeachment to be an issue in the 2006 congressional campaign.

In fact, Bob Fertik, president of Democrats.com, in announcing the latest Zogby results, also announced formation of an impeachment campaign fund, Impeach PAC, which he said hopes will quickly raise $100,000 via the Internet to be parceled out to those congressional candidates who promise to support an immediate simultaneous impeachment of President Bush and vice President Dick Cheney for lying in the runup to the Iraq War.

The latest Zogby poll shows support for impeachment being the majority position in all parts of the US except for the South and in all age groups except for those 65 and older, only 42 percent of whom supported having Congress oust the president.

Clearly, the indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the mounting US death toll in Iraq which has now passed the 2000 mark, and a string of corruption scandals and poor decisions (notably the Katrina response) has Americans ready to contemplate forcibly ousting the president from office before his term is up.

So far, not one Democratic member of Congress has announced plans to enter a bill of impeachment in the House.

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Impeachment Won't Happen (REGRETTABLY)! 04.Nov.2005 14:22

Ben Douglass bendouglass@cheerful.com

From what I know of U.S. history a president has never been impeached while his party has majority power in both houses of Congress. Sad!

The only way this could happen during Bush's term is if the DEMS took majority control of the house in 2006. But then we have a REP dominated Senate. Oh well, the current DEMS probably don't even have the back-bone if given the opportunity by the people.

Bush could be brought up on felony counts after he leaves office but I suspect that if a Republican wins again Bush could get a pardon for anything and everything he did while in office, the same kind of deal Ford gave Nixon.

More realistic appraisal 04.Nov.2005 15:53

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

a) IF (a very big if) there were a unifed opposiiton in terms of PEOPLE (votes) then you would find that the Democrats all of a sudden had plenty of backbone. Notice that it's not enough that lots of people disapprove of the administration (approval is currently at record low levels) but that they AGREE on some things. Oh -- and sorry, as long as you think "easy -- they just need to all decide to agree on MY positions' you don't understand the problem.

b) Bush could be impeached for lying --- "high crimes and misdemeaners" actually refers to POLICAL crimes << that's how the 18th century minds who wrote that understood what was meant -- not necessarily felonies or even illegal (extreme cronyism or nepotism would be examples) >>

But lying (especailly by a politician) is no crime. Sorry folks, but politcal speeches are not made under oath! You know the old joke "how do you know when a politician is lying?" (he has his mouth open)

The public - who are they again? 04.Nov.2005 17:17

Mythical Pet Goat

If you was to poll people with:

'Does day follow night?'

There would probably be 53% 'yes' with don't knows and knows making up the 47%

The most extraordinary 'polls' are shareholder meetings where the shareholders agree to a renumeration package for the boss that is distinctly greedy. A 'rebellion' could be 20% or so of the shareholders voting no, in 'protest'. Meanwhile another 80% approves of the outrage.

Nowadays we don't have people lighting up the street-lighting at lighting up time as all the lights come on by magic. However, a question for a poll could be about the need for gas-lighters to work in pairs so as to be up to date with health and safety regulations. Theoretically one could have an opinion regarding this, statistics regarding the propensity of lamp-lighters to get themselves killed on the job and much else could be looked into. Why, the lamp-lighters union could have a whole manifesto on the issues. But, all of it would count for squat, an irrelevance from a bygone age. We don't need lamp-lighters any more or even remember them. That is how it is with politicians, and people don't get involved because deep down they know that the lamp-lighters of yore matter more.

Do you honestly believe in democracy, for one moment? How naive...!

what gives. 04.Nov.2005 23:11


To Mike and pet goat? Come on. Change the subject a bit more, ok?

misleading headline 05.Nov.2005 05:49

cut it out

> impeachment of President George W. Bush if it can be shown that he lied

Shown by whom? The evidence is in, it just hasn't been endorsed by Fox News.

This isn't "supporting impeachment," this is a word game. If and when some poll shows that 50%+ people support impeachment, now, period, then that will be news. Sure 80% would support impeachment if their televisions told them to, that doesn't mean shit.

difference in neocon fiction spins, and reality here, guys 07.Nov.2005 02:42

hee hee

you cut it out. There's a difference from your typical neocon propoganda and some people's attempt to simply label this propoganda. Neocon propoganda is entirely fictive: a fiction that is popularized. This is reality that is being popularized. And there is nothing you can do about that.

This ain't a game. This article is your real world--not the "danger of Iraq", or the "danger of Iran" or the "danger of Syria" or the "danger of terrorists--all of that is entirely engineered at this stage for the power agglomeration of those in the White House who stole the 2000 and 2004 elections. This article shows that people still know the difference between lies and reality. And this reality they know is requires is that Bush should be impeached. This will only become more and more in sharp relief, I imagine--particularly when the whole Republican base is deserting the Republican party....as they realize that the Bush mafia is only out for themselves...