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Violence erupts in Mar Del Plata, Argentina protests.

!Viva Chavez!
I would like to give my support to the unarmed demonstrators of MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina as they protest the devastating world policies of President Bush.

This is not an excuse but, May God help us all for we know not what we do or what happens in our name.

Please support transparency in the policies of the goverment of the United States of America.


Death to the WTO! 04.Nov.2005 13:56


Word on the street had also gotten out about the WTO: a giant corporate power grab masquerading as "free trade," threatening democracy, natural resources, and labor rights across the globe. Civil society mobilized over 50,000 people to Seattle to say "NO" to the WTO's corporate agenda, successfully shutting down the meetings on the first day, November 30, 1999. Instead, we wanted to build a world where life values -- like the right to good jobs, clean water, health care, education, democracy and sovereignty -- trumped the money values of the WTO. Emboldened by massive civil society resistance, the African, Caribbean, and other least-developed country representatives literally walked out of the meetings, causing the negotiations to collapse. The WTO died its first death.
-Deb James

Out with them all 05.Nov.2005 02:05


In the spirit of past uprisings in Argentina..que se vayan todos -- out with them all. For an end to the economy and the national form, for self-directed, creative communal autonomy, we must go beyond criticizing only the most obvious financial predators. When the frustrated will appears socially, the feeling of power creates, destroys boundaries and politeness. The class war is put on its true footing.