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Join the Citgo BUY-cott!

Since gas prices heve finally been rolled back(a little at least-and just in time for Christmas buying season-amazing, isn't it?) let's put our petrol dollars to some good use-buy Citgo gas and help fuel Democracy!
Here's where we can give Dubya the economic finger-every time we fill up! Click the link below-it explains why we should buy all(or as much as possible) our gas from Citgo stations. There is a link on that page that lets you find the Citgo station closest to you.

So join the Citgo BUY-cott!


And BOYCOTT the Bushite rest!

homepage: homepage: http://www.boycottbush.org/

vancouver wa 04.Nov.2005 10:09


So apparently there's one in East Vancouver--looks like on hwy 14?

Cit-GO! 04.Nov.2005 11:13

Den Mark, Vancouver

There are several Citgo's in Vancouver: two on Hwy 99, one on Fourth Plain Bl, et cetera. Go Citgo!

Thanks for the info... 05.Nov.2005 13:15


I'm planning on visiting my dad in Pittsburgh next month, and there are two stations close to his house - thanks for the link to the station locator!

lqkp@yahoo.com 04.Jun.2006 04:36

lqkp@yahoo.com lqkp@yahoo.com

Unbelievable! Liam O' Keefe