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All Eyes On Paris, Riots Going Several Days Strong!

Sorry, I didn't have time to look up info and I just heard about this.
Does anyone have accurate info on what the riots are all about?
?? 04.Nov.2005 08:55


Police were chasing two youths...who ran into an electric substation of some kind...the youths were electrocuted?...

2005 Paris suburb riots 04.Nov.2005 09:36

the latest


causes 04.Nov.2005 10:14

Red Tree

What I am hearing concerning the cause of these riots is the ultimate hopelessness of the people living in ghettos in Paris. The 'rioters' are for the most part young men without jobs or hopes of obtaining them. They are the forgotten French. Sound familiar? There were two teenagers who thought they were being chased by police and they did run into a transfer station and were electrocuted. That incident started these riots, but the unrest and anger was seething there for a long time.

"youths" 04.Nov.2005 10:14

reader 2

When the media says "youths", if you into a little, what it is -- youths born in France into Arab (North African) families and neighborhoods (2nd generation French-Africans).



The situation in France is dramatically. About 1 wqek ago massive riots broke out in the poor suburbs of Paris after 2 young immigrants were hunted to death by the police (the boys, 15, 17, died in a power plants´electricity cables when they tried to flee from a regular police controll).
Since then, each night hundreds of cars burn, police and fire workers are attacked with stones, molotow-cocktails and even with a pump gun last night...
Busses, kindergardens, schools, cars, police headquarters are set on fire...
Last night was the first night that the riots took place also in other cities all over France...
Only last night (!!!) 500 cars were set on fire in and around Paris. Schools, kindergardens and other public or state institutions burned. Also some companies were attacked.

6 police men were injured, 78 protesters imprisioned.

The protesters changed their tactic: they operate in small groups, hit and run, instead of searching "big clashes" with the heavily armed police units...

77 other cars burned in other french cities last night. also 7 in dijon and in cote d´or, 8 in the département bouches-du-rhone around marseille and 9 in normandie, seine-maritime.

In Neuilly-sur-Marne in the east of paris police cars were shot with guns.

Busses and police cars are attacked with stones.

In Trappes, south-west of paris, a bus station was set on fire. 27 buses were destroyed.

In Aulnay-Sous-Bois, north of paris a company burned down.

also, I don´t know how to say it in english, houses were the cities´ mayor does his work, were attacked with molotow cocktails....

Only in 1 (!!) part of Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, more than 1300 robo cops were on the streets last night.

No busses, no underground in these parts of paris. everything is closed.

numbers and facts: yahoo news, germany
other sources: indymedia paris


someone 04.Nov.2005 11:35


where have we seen this before... 04.Nov.2005 23:13


Beware Frenchmen of fascists in your midst who would use excuses (even police or security services arson) to make France a police state to enter the NWO fascist world..

I hope Portland City officials are watching ? 05.Nov.2005 09:20


Assata Shakurs response to a group of people criticizing the 60's black riots for human rights and dignity.
"What do you mean,they're burning down their houses ? They don't own those houses.They don't own those stores.I'm glad they burned down those stores because those stores were robbing them in the first place".

I hope Portland city officials,PDC,city Attorneys office,PPB & developers are closely watching what is taking place in the outer suburbs of Paris .Because this is what happens when you keep pushing and displacing people from their homes,their families,freinds,communities and jobs,like is happening in North & North east Portland, and is in the process of happening in the outer Woodstock community.You can only push so much ?