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N2 Media Clips / Big Idea Tabloid

We love you Portland Indymedia / BHT!!!!!!!!
Big Idea Rag #1 - World Can't Wait


Brought to you by Big Idea CSC - PR for the Revolution

Inspired by JJ's Film Reviews on Chicago Indymedia, Big Idea CSC has decided to start a tabloid! This is edition one.

On October 2, the World Can't Wait Coalition organized a protest against the Iraq War in Chicago. Their message was: "The World Can't Wait to Drive Out the Bush Regime!"
Big Idea Says: "Chicago can't wait to organize our own protests without outsiders who don't contact local medics, food not bombs, radical pr, and legal support!"

We remember March 20, 2003, taking over Lakeshore Drive. That's our kind of protest!

Big Idea's day began at 6AM when we realized the anarchist feeder march didn't have any media support! Having the corporate media around at a protest helps keep us safe - the cops have less fun bashing heads when they know the press is around to film them.

Since we're anarchists (baby) we self-organized and wrote a press release about the anarchist feeder march and the rally and march in Federal Plaza. We obtained the info. for the release from Chicago Indymedia. Little did we know - World Can't Wait lied in their post! They claimed Cindy Sheehan and other activist "celebrities" would be present at the march. A member of Chicago Action Medical told us Cindy was actually in San Fran. Of course the anarchists didn't lie in their post - they met up at 11 AM in Grant Park across the street from Columbia College, as promised (We are sad to report that no one famous showed up).

Big Idea recruited a beautiful young spokesperson with the most gorgeous eyes you ever saw. We gave her several sound bites to learn, and spent about 30 minutes going over them. This is guerrilla PR!

The "spokeswoman for the revolution" did an excellent job! Our press statements were:

Why are you here?
We're here across the street from Columbia College at the anarchist feeder march, and we'll be going to Federal Plaza to join the World Can't Wait march and rally."
What's going on in Federal Plaza?
"In Federal Plaza, people from Chicago are gathering to send the message that the World Can't Wait to overthrow the leaders of our country."
Where are you marching to?
"The march route in still undetermined. We will be marching till the war ends."
What is Anarchism?
"Anarchism means real freedom for real people."

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Big Idea, there was no corporate media support at the feeder march. But Indymedia was there! Our lovely spokesperson gave numerous statements to the assembled cameras, and did an excellent job of staying on message.

About 100 anarchists gathered for the feeder march, and half of the group left early to drum up support outside the 624 S. Wabash building at Columbia College.

Both sections of the feeder march arrived at Federal Plaza by 12:15. On the way, there was a short street theater action from the Radical Cheerleaders at the Department of Homeland Security.

Big Idea walked around the Plaza, saying hi to reporters and offering them interviews. We also got free T-Shirts from World Can't Wait and PETA. Thanks guys! If you can believe it, the reporters didn't even know about the World Can't Wait press tent! We told them about the tent, and the free water (there was no food provided by World Can't Wait).

Big Idea asked for 30 seconds on the stage in order to talk about the Anarchist Feeder March. EVERYONE from World Can't Wait seemed fine with this, except for the Leader Controlling the Stage. When she blocked us from getting our message out, we tore off our "World Can't Wait" t-shirt and proceeded to co-opt her media, giving interviews behind the stage to local corporate reporters, as well as student reporters.

Once the march started, Big Idea got bored (we hate walking in circles surrounded by riot cops) and went back to our down town offices. In the Sun Times the next day, we saw some anarchists burning an American Flag - nice job guys!

PS - Heather B, thanks for teaching us how to be fab and wear Channel! It's a great costume! CG/Columbia College - Thanks for the support! Interns - Thanks for showing up!

Press Releases

Release: N2 Anarchist Feeder
By: Big Idea CSC

Rachael P Faces Heavy Police Repression While Campaigning for President
By: Big Idea CSC
 link to blog.myspace.com

Photos/ Reports

Radical WCW / UIC Feeder / Halloween Anarchist March
By: guerrilla disturbance theatre

N2: Chicagoans Protest Against Bush Regime
By: Chris Geovanis/CIMC

Corporate Media

Getty Images of Chicago Protest
1. Go to www.gettyimages.com
2. Click on "Editorial"
3. Search for Chicago Protest

Yahoo News Protest Images / Video
1. Go to  http://news.yahoo.com
2. Search for Protest

Chicago Sun Times
1,000 stage Loop protest against Bush administration
BY: ABDON M. PALLASCH, Staff Reporter
Contributing: Lisa Donovan
(Print edition had some great photos!)

Chicago Tribune
By Jason George, Tribune staff reporter
1,100 rally, march to protest Bush administration policies
Speakers advocate removal of president
 link to www.chicagotribune.com

Seattle Times
Hundreds protest Iraq war
By Nick Perry and Sara Jean Green, Seattle Times staff reporters

Washington Post
Thousands rally across US against Bush policies
By Christine Kearney, Reuters
Additional reporting by Michael Conlon in Chicago

San Francisco Chronicle
Protesters taking to streets to seek Bush ouster
Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer
 link to www.sfgate.com

People's Daily Online, China
Roundup: Protests against Bush held across US
Source: Xinhua

N2 Photo Captions:

1. Emma MacDonald, a student at Center School who walked out to join the anti-war rally at Westlake Park, has peace a symbol drawn on one cheek and an anti-Bush symbol on the other.

2. A man at an anti-Bush demonstration is arrested Wednesday at Seventh Avenue and Olive Way for allegedly refusing to get off the street after several warnings by Seattle police.

3. San Francisco police officers arrest a woman after a demonstration protesting President Bush in San Francisco, on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005. A large crowd made its way from the Civic Center down Market Street Wednesday, blocking traffic during the afternoon commute. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

4. Anti-war protesters scream at the front of the Federal Courthouse Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005, in Seattle. Several hundred people joined in what was called a national student walkout on the anniversary of the presidential election as a protest to the war in Iraq. They also marched through the streets of downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

5. A worker places posters protesting the visit of U.S. President George W. Bush in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005. Bush will come to Mar del Plata this week to attend the IV America's Summit. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez Mills)

6. Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers protest Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005, outside the gates of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. Workers went on strike Wednesday after they could not reach a deal with Boeing before a midnight deadline. Boeing machinists went on strike at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday after last-minute talks broke down between their union and the company unit that operates the Delta rocket program. (AP Photo/Florida Today, Rik Jesse)

7. An indigenous Mapuche from Chile walks under a poster of famed revolutionary Ernesto 'Che' Guevara outside of stadium were 'People's Summit' will take place in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005. Dozens of organizations and NGO have organized a parallel summit to protest the Americas Summit that will gather leaders of 34 Western Hemisphere nations Friday and Saturday. (AP Photo/Marcelo Hernandez)

8. Steve Johnson participates in a protest rally in Chicago, Illinois. Thousands of Americans staged noisy demonstrations across the United States to protest the policies of President George W. Bush on the first anniversary of his re-election.(AFP/Getty Images/Scott Olson)

Where is this lie to be found? 06.Nov.2005 23:16

just curious

"Little did we know - World Can't Wait lied in their post! They claimed Cindy Sheehan and other activist "celebrities" would be present at the march." Um, where exactly is this dishonest post? World Can't Wait never claimed Cindy Sheehan would be in Chicago - it stated she had endorsed the Call.