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Free vinyl stickers with self addressed , stamped envelope.
We never met Fouad , but have been so touched by his death. This case proves that we have gotten to the place where we have more to fear from our paid "protectors" than we do the "criminals". We watched as the Grand Jury decided that a naked , badly burnt, completely unarmed young man was indeed a mortal threat to the police officers that gunned him down. If Fouad was a threat that deserved to die , then we all are. No one is safe anymore...no one. For a sticker, send a self addressed stamped envelope to Fouad Sticker Offer 19754 McKillop Rd. Scotts Mills Oregon 97375 No money will be accepted.
You guys rock! 04.Nov.2005 15:07


We must never forget Fouad, and all of the others that have been needlessly terminated by the corporate will workers. Their lack of value for human life is so telling. Thank you so much for your kind offer, and for the strength and support that it offers to Fouad's family.