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leo strauss commune movement

2 smiling people . .. but oh gods and goddesses, how delusionistically crosspurposeful
and now for some (even) more serious perusing: after more than a few years absence killer colourpickerpiet returns to the indy(main)wire (and finds publishing delayed .. .perhaps by spamweeders busy hoeing another row so to be sure I'll try again here): http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/pipermail/lbo-talk/Week-of-Mon-20051017/023162.html Syria Times -- Published by Teshreen Press and Publishing Foundation ---- British MP George Galloway opens up to Syria Times ---- Exclusive interview by Mohammad Agha - Editor-in-Chief ---- 7-8-2005? ? [August 07 2005 ----- Leigh leighm.netHave you seen my newsfeeds?: http://leighmdotnet.blogspot.com/

consortiumnews.com/2005/102205.html the fairy tale of the extremely rich head of state who decided to fight an occupation rather than retreat to one of the 30 castles he owned around the world; to become a big bomb crater (caused by a bombloaded van which cruised around in japan just previously according to this article) was his fate but this did trigger a peaceful revolution afterwards. The US, would be occupiers of Syria, whence the till recently occupying forces, are already claiming credit for the whole thing, shown throughout and especially in the last 5 minutes of a docu called 'domino game in Lebanon' (online and mostly in english via http://tegenlicht.vpro.nl ) this is contrasted with placing the ending of bloodshed foremost.

http://noorderlicht.vpro.nl/afleveringen/984365/ 1998 emotion and economics --
only the first line of text in this program is in Dutch -- The program focuses on the work of Richard Thaler (chic. SoBuss. http://gsbdrl.uchicago.edu/people/faculty/thaler.htm), Daniel Kahneman, Princeton psych. and experimental econ. Al Roth, it records them thinking aloud (answering questions). they spout some anecdotes that make one think. (online with real player) The gist of it is that there's not much rationalism in economics at all or at least that rationalism is not able to dominate and gain the upper hand over emotions. Things like sunk costs (budget exceeding megaprojects doomed to never catch up with their own cost) or target orientation related fuck up abort smooth running.

Instance of the latter: on busy days the cabdrivers 'make' their target quicker, go home earlier. Customers are left with frustration and incentive to dilute the herding
(peaking bubbling and celebrating) drive a bit next time; hurray!

I realize my surfage with an offensive frequency banning browser
(go netscape.com) increases my blogload (less reluctant to foist white pages upon my readers (I'd likely be disappointed to learn that my pages don't show on any referral pages but not very); watch out, here comes one now:
Del.icio.us spinoffs incl groanworthy domainname puns (blog via mshook)

one post in a fairly long thread called 'Bush as diversion' Carrol Cox wrote: "With the u.s. > troops mostly confined to their impregnable bases, venturing forth only to smash any insurgent force that thretens to establish order, troubles can be balmed on the barbarian Iraqi people while smidgeons of order can be credited to the u.s. forces." ------------- Whatever are you talking about? The military arm of the US Empire is being ground to pieces in the Tigris-Euphrates meatgrinder. 2000 dead, 15000 officially wounded, at least 50,000 more deeplytraumatized, morale in the pits, $200 billion down the toilet, and the insurgents are taking out Bradley fighting vehicles like they're popcorn. Neither the US people (who supply the bodies for the war machine) nor the US' leading creditors (who supply the finance) have any stomach for this. The oiligarchy is melting down at last. -- DRR

great Michael Hoover post dow that thread (which i bet he wrote right and as veiled response to reading CultureLabia(')s(') criticism of the attack on self as justification and licence to attack others

-130 of them on a movie about heroin and the right - this film is set in Quebec and these words are from a Pethian (LBOgoer): The heavy suspicion generated, but not exactlyarticulated in this rightist attack film, is that they either vote conservative or abstain from dirtying their hands in the political process. Who needs those uncouth, prolo-types anyway? They get what they deserve, a broken down, underfunded "free" medical care, which the rich/sensitive can easily skip over and continue to denounce as a tax burden.

continued from before: ... . the split little shit).

should be:

... . the split little shit), minus the choice and chance, inherent in the sensible and timely warning code of honour in days of yore, to sin no more, they're telling you to live with consequences of done deal, an irreversible systemic unalterable dilemma one must cope with (voor het blok gezet en met voldongen feiten opgescheept zijn - the archaic organic innocence resonant in these expressions are near obsolete and the dictionary is steadily inflated with machine language) even though it's all mere projection, exploitative trend protection, attempts to scare you with a future they're trying to convince you of already having sold yourself to and on, a stupid sales ploy and oh, inexorable consequence of vested interest of course. Never mind the latter are result of hysterics that haven't quite been surpassed yet. Here's the new behavewave now (behave and wave back*) Give them your libraries and labs, they'll allow you to pass into their future they represent and are dignified diplomatic delegates of.

This is what I wrote after seeing Dan Winter hooked up to his own snake oil charmed attractor earlier today: glory hailfallujah the master is blowing bubbles right into the target range of his little tecnerdickally enhanced weirdness.

Not to sound utterly depressing I'll pass on a link to a review of v/d Waals' latest:

http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/.. review of v/d Waal's new bookYou look like a monkey, and you act like one, too -- By Fred Bortz ----- "Our Inner Ape: A Leading Primatologist Explains Why We Are Who We Are" by Frans de Waal -- Riverhead, 274 pp., $24.95

via robotwisdom dude Barger who stuck Hanne Hukkelberg (whimsical seductive) in his juke, good choice too but god, it's time for an emperess who manages to end war or something with the sheer motivating power of messageful music in keys that people take away and keep with them cause they reveal meaning.

Louis Proyect (listmom) passes on an LRB excerpt and Jim F adds more in a response

Werner Smolnik otto horst altona
2090 results all to do with exploding toads?????????? I know they had a bullfrog plague in Ozland, so is this just a way to vent????????? All these sight parrot and mirror and whatnot??? 44th result is the first german site cited: "Tümpel des Todes": Mehr als tausend Kröten explodiert Einer der ersten Augenzeugen des Massenplatzens war Werner Smolnik, ... Eine andere Erklärung hat Amtstierarzt Otto Horst Vom Bezirksamt Altona.
welt.de/data/2005/04/22/1 - 34k -

l includes picture of coupling toads

rather diligent blogger this one, especially considering the flakey name but he didn't fake me out . .. actually it's google's listing of file size that is a great help in these cases .. . .oh shucks all 6 comments are spam!!! Anyway, that the sight of flattened (run over) Ozzie frogs inspired this article remains my firm conviction .. . for now.... . oh no!!!! he links to James Randi (as a friend), yuk, moron.

a 1000 dead frogs .. .. . could this be a case of (Carnivale's) Ben swinging by and taking pity on some human with an ailment?


this has the most comment I found so far. .. .. amongst which nabu-hamburg.de/images/kroete3.jpg casualties of birds attacking alledgedly: Berlin (AFP): "Les corbeaux sont des animaux intelligents. Ils apprennent rapidement à savoir comment se rassasier de foie de crapaud" a expliqué le Dr. Mutschmann, ajoutant que le nombre important de victimes "n'a rien d'inhabituel". Selon le médecin, trois à cinq corbeaux suffisent à tuer une centaine d'amphibiens.

LBO 023254 maxspeak.org (topposts his reply):
I've posted more in-depth stuff by Jamie Galbraith.

----Original Message-----
From: lbo-talk-bounces at lbo-talk.org
[mailto:lbo-talk-bounces at lbo-talk.org] On Behalf Of Michael Pollak
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 2:52 PM
To: lbo-talk at lbo-talk.org
Subject: [lbo-talk] DD & Max on Bernanke: (Thank Heavens) He's no Feldstein

>From a Daniel Davies post at the Crooked Timber groblog:

My putting in the third consecutive CT post on the Bernanke appointment is exacerbated by the fact that it's only a quick link, but redeemed by the quality of the link. As always, Max Sawicky has his priorities in order:

Best of all is the passing over of the obnoxious Martin Feldstein, who will have to content himself with endless attacks on Social Security from his bunghole at Harvard University

It's true. Feldstein's work on Social Security has been, by and large, disgracefully bad -- in particular, his claim that SS reduced private savings was based on an error in a computer program:

[Great article by Michael Yates! -- MP]

Brad DeLong rather coyly says that these days Feldstein "prefers to stress other points" but he has never really retreated from this claim. I hope Max continues reminding the world of this fact forever.

Subject: [lbo-talk] DD & Max on Bernanke:
(Thank Heavens) He's no Feldstein

Does the Fed do anything else besides influence interest rates ? How "wrong" can you get the interest rates ? Did Greenspan really do anything or is he more like an astrologer ? ------ CB

Max Sawicky wrote: If you harken back to 1980-81 you can see how wrong things can get. The Fed is also supposed to regulate banks, and there are some activist groups who bird-dog their failure to do so, especially in the fields of red-lining and lending discrimination.

All true, but monetary policy can't solve the fundamental problems of poverty and income distribution. Sadly, a lot of populists seem to think it can. I can understand the appeal of perpetually loose money - the temptation is that it could help the bottom half of the income distribution without moving to expropriate the top half. But it can't.

023243 George Galloway, the Respect Party MP, has strongly rejected new allegations that he profited from Saddam Hussein's oil-for-food programme and then lied about it under oath. -Guardian


>Syria will be in the diplomatic crosshairs at the United Nations Tuesdaym - CBC

Is it just me or does the timing of all this really stink?

-2000 officially dead in Iraq with no sign the carnage will stop -Rove and 'Scooter' looking at charges -dim bulb's choice for SCOTUS tanking even with his far right 'base'
-the Katrina/FEMA fiasco

And the response is 'Hey, look, Syria's doing bad stuff! (the fact that it's the same stuff we've been doing all over the world for decades doesn't matter)! Another foreign guy with a mustache did bad stuff and made money off it too! Joseph Wilson did drugs!'

I mean I expect the media to play along with this horseshit for a while, but sooner or later somebody's going to notice........won't they?

Off to whistle some more in the dark.........
PC P Childs

Yes, duly noticed, as the governments of most of the western world strike a pose and ask... So whatareyagonnadoaboutit.... punks?
You'all DO want to be able to drive your Bummers around aimlessly...

Don't ya... punks?

Courtesy of:


SyriaComment.com ---- Thoughts on Syrian politics, history and religion. ---- Sunday, October 23, 2005 ---- Syria is being Set Up to Fail: A Leaked Letter from Washington

[October 24 2005] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's een A Good Year For The Disater-Industrial Complex... 'Fast Growth, High Returns'..

So, it's not one of Leigh's hats: As Travus T. Hipp, he also had a good run at KOH in Reno from 1979 through 1980, hosting a talk show.

"I achieved the highest ratings that KOH ever had," he said. "It took Rush Limbaugh 21Ú2 years to get the ratings I got in 11 months."

But, alas, politics came between the man and his microphone.

"They sold the radio station, and the guy that came up was ideologically opposed to anything to the left of Genghis Khan so I was dispensed with," Laughlin said. "Now I'm fortunate enough to be in residence and I'm syndicated at six stations."


Willy Greenfields filthydirtyunwashed at yahoo.com Pugliese forwarded (a UK Telegraph article; hostile to Galloway and concluding thus):

>Looking back, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Mr Galloway's aggressive response to scrutiny is nothing more than an unthinking, knee-jerk reaction.

Bro, Galloway's not some grad student receiving criticism in a seminar. He's fighting for his life.

Did he get oil money? I don't know. I don't think you have any evidence not available to me (I've finally figured this Google thing out). So why not suspend judgment until he is actually found guilty by a credible body (of course, it shouldn't be incumbent on an accused to prove their innocence, and previous accusers have been found against in civil courts)?

You'll leap all over people on this list for citing someone whose book of a decade ago was blurbed by someone who referenced a Larouche rag article a decade earlier yet, and I believe you've flirted with the 'objectively pro-Saddamist' line in the past. I can understand your need for purity in the bloodlines of an argument or an idea (as a pathologist understands dwarfism, say). Are you exempting yourself from your own criteria or are you content with the fact that by your curious standards you are objectively pro-Coleman/Hitchens/Bush/Abu Ghraib by perpetuating these as yet unfounded charges?

absolutely shocking footage of the we show our muscle and you show us ours variety, critical concentration of bike riders are not gonna irritate other asphalt freaks? Come on. If you insist on having a chance to win, then better forget the fair or gods forbid, nobler fight.

aliveinbaghdad.org (indy reporter on the ground; via milwaukee)

http://mega.egotripper.nl/.. wrong(ed) tree

glory hailfallujah the master is blowing bubbles right into the target range of his little tecnerdickally enhanced weirdness.

fairly news forum on a very complete site

Outing CIA Agents -- By Steve Weissman

nicely even grey pages but a tad too light the spammers have migrated east from the west coast; all this stuff being posted has gone up hundreds of times already; converting posts like that to links with buttons for preferred presentation styles would have been a better step towards efficient openness.

168 comments - pgh police fire tasers at recruiting protest

A recent hurry past sited here:
Todd Boyle - Kirkland WA (425) 827-3107 anytime -- CPA for 20 years, 14 years in Japan with EY, PWC, and other firms. ledgerism.net/

We need to walk away from the harness folks. Quit your job and create better ways of interacting. CCs are a necessary infrastructure for this. As you know they are not sufficient. But they are necessary.

I was in the accounting newsgroups 1995-2000
I worked for the dotcoms building transaction systems and online ledgers 1999-2002.
I posted actively on IJCCR 2001-2004.

proud member of this and that
vfp92.org veterans for peace
epjc.net evergreen peace and justice community
watir.org Washington Truth in Recruiting -- Mission: Connecting with students and parents, to provide objective information for critical life choices involving the military.

Ward's appearance at DePaul U, Minn
andrewmarcus.com/blog/mentalward/ (via pirateballerina.com)

32 yes this is a contra-Ward blog and so is his fellow dePaulian: ngh3.blogspot.com/

a gal and a guy, all righteous and good since their violence is pure, just bycause they don't glorify it they earn a free pass to gorify; just bycause they are so so SO demurely yet obvious (don't you see?) in service of justice they may prepare industrial strenghts liberation forces and their conscience is not oppressed with unopenend presents. . .eh markets .. .eh suffering subjects of former lackeys .. .eh never mind. . .in short: pretty obsessive and/in more words than one, right wing --

- thedepaulia.com/..961.=4 - "I want the state gone: transform the situation to U.S. out of North America. U.S. off the planet. Out of existence altogether." These are not the remarks of an al-Qaeda spokesman; they came from the mouth of Ward Churchill during a magazine interview this past April. --- Why can't these people ever imagine or speak about peaceful secession .. .and for that matter why doesn't Ward do so more often, it would/might perhaps save him (not to mention me and many others) some grief and ill will?

http://groups.google.com..alt.politics.usa/ 32 messages in a thread called 'American Holocaust - Did we murder 12 million Indians?' at alt.politics.usa

looks like some sort of mirror for the same thread but in (reddish) colours .. .oh wait, there's a style chooser; one can go for white on various shades of pale blue (choosing 'overdrive') and enter usenet protected from glare inherent in white by/on monitors. That's a bit of good news, I should make it a permanent link in all my blogs soon.

37 has a 42Meg QT download/stream of Ward's DePaul appearance; pre-engagement pro- and con 'activism': 32

worldcantwait.org/ these guys are about driving the Bush regime out .. on nov 2; the day an admirer of his gave his life away rather cheaply. and about

Mijn websteksels (dutch) my sites (english) Meine Seiten (german)

http://members.lycos.nl/vadercats (Hollands)
Important advertizement: http://intellectjuweel.blogspot.com

http://poetpiet.tripod.com/ (English)
logbriefer (the latest)


UEssie in Japan posted interesting items on food and feminism with lots of comments too (via robotwisdom)

first page I ever see mouse over ads (iblog in this case .. .and on the same day Kelley adds outgoing linkrank when you mouse over any of hers)

Let's try eliminate malaria, that'll be ethical won't it? So they said once upon a time, went to work and tried. DDT and all devilish stuff that came of it has defenders even up till this very day. 'We' got on it, can't get off and some will never get over it.

the robotfellow wastes his time on this stuff regularly too, the web is squeezing all things real unruly rainbow out of him I guess:
Carbon nanotubes still 5X pricier than gold (via Froogle ad)

piet - Rachel Carson (like other DDT hysterics) has megalodictator-scale blood on her hands.
Posted by: Nick at October 27, 2005 10:00 AM

sure, if you're into blaming all the diabolic buck-chasing cruelty on the rare and resplendent sensitives defending rights of victims all the way up and down the scale, if you'r into slandering the perfectly innocent and those far apart and few between friendly but faint echos of more intelligent times that could be made mega dictator without harm coming to all who chose to be or were otherwise subjected, if you're into scapegoating those who most resist your unmourned virulently runaway progress, you might as well mention Rachel and you do don't you?

Hell, I am used to it, acresusa.com was inspired to fire up
bycause of her work.

ddt = 3.233.000
rachel carson = 866.000
rachel carson + ddt = 92.000

Nick: scapegoating is just a means to an end in a bare-knuckle ideological struggle - designed to discredit and deride reactionary memeplexes

oh and what do you call gaitscoping, ioow, footprintscience? there's a dutch politician who keeps posting about it but his blog is too big for his breeches (server) so it is quite jerky even from holland itself so bound to be worse from your distance: fransgroenendijk.nl it's all about pulling your weight, showing newcomers how to and leaving things more diverse (to thin and mix, to scatter and cull free style and unburdened an enlightened cyber yet earthy kind of primitivism is the ticket I sell (no need to tell me I'm not doing ((it)) very well.

palestine-encyclopedia.com/EPP/TOC.htm 18 chapters online; CHAPTER 35: ZIONIST CRIMES AGAINST JEWS ---- Most American Jews Originally Opposed Zionism * Zionist Smear Campaigns Against Their Jewish Opponents * Zionist Murder Professor De Haan in Palestine * Zionists Discriminate Against Arab Jews * Zionists Murder Rabbi Yaakov Salim G'rafy * Zionists Collaborate with Nazis * Yitzhak Shamir Murders Eliyahu Giladi * Mossad Bomb Kills Jewish Boy in Bagdad, Iraq * An Outcry by Neturei Karta *

I think you're confusing present conditions directed by the arms industries (tailered to imperial pet peeves: frontlines that make the excercises to expand territory a very measurable and therefore unmistakable success) with the stuff between your ears called imagination which you've decided to let loose far into the future yet nevertheless lend credence to.

Tomorrow I'll post a link to a jap feel good pat back get together where they had a robot ride a bicycle (from a dutch paper) and that's where that whole ball of wax is at, simple, kinetic, baby problem simulation while bio-tech remains the lie and disaster it was from the get go, when they slandered folks like Julius Hensel, bought him a bad name and juridically elbowed him out of the market (people like Hensel will always remain several orders of magnitude more important than Beckerath still/even) .

LBO 023363.html Ariel Levy's new book, "Female Chauvinist Pigs". nationalreview.com/..

That's 3 meters on a very narrow beam!!!! Too bad it says nothing about it's speed

By Yoshiko Hara Courtesy of EE Times

TOKYO — Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has demonstrated a bicycling robot designed to showcase the electronic component manufacturer's sensor technologies at next week's CEATEC Japan 2005 show. CEATEC, Japan's largest electronics show runs from Oct. 4-8 in Makuhari.

Tentatively named Murata Boy, the system is an integrated machine that looks like a bicycle with a humanoid robot rider. The 50-cm-high, 5-kg robot hits speeds of up 60 cm per second. The robot can also balance on two wheels while stationary using sensors.

Receiving commands from a PC via wireless LAN, it moves forward and backward, stops and starts. Murata demonstrated the robot's balance control by running it on a 2-cm-wide balance beam.

Murata said it developed the robot to highlight its sensors and other products that can be used in robot designs. Murata Boy is equipped with four types of sensors: two gyro sensors used to detect angular velocity and inclination; an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles; and a shock sensor to detect rough surfaces. personaltechpipeline.com/171202351

+ 15 1 line comments

17 piece slide-show

can anybody deliver the footage for the more than ietsie pietsie fietsie fetishist????

piet | Homepage | 10.28.05 - 10:35 am | #


it cost 5 mil to make

http://robots.net/article/1656.html a few more links: robots-dreams.com/.
. this is the most likely site to have some footage I guess ---- 2005/10/robot_ballet..

at therawfeed.com
robot-rides-bike-without-falling A Murata Manufacturing technology showcase robot called Murata Boy rides a bike WITHOUT FALLING DOWN (or, more accurately, the bike is part of the robot). The robot has an internal sensor that knows its own body's angle. When it starts to fall to one side, its robot brain directs the arms to move the steering wheel to stay upright. When it comes to a stop, a spinning disk in its midsection keeps it from falling over. The robot is controlled with a PC via Wi-Fi.

aaaah, wait, it's cheating. flesh adn blood stadium sprinters aren't allowed to install spinning disks; they have to do the back and forth thing (as minimal as possible) you see unicyclists do. . .. ... I remember rumpelstiltskin from oz (spindle man with hi-pitched voice but good reach downwards, reserved for his acts, who would pass through A'dam on his world tours with his ancient gjester suit and his weird routine involving fake portruding teeth, bug eye glasses and juggling rubber snakes on a unicycle he would snag himself with the whirling wrigglies and fall

A link there: A $20,000 kit will transform your Honda Reflex scooter into a FLYING MOTORCYCLE! Tired of traffic? Just deploy the Flite Bike's ram-air powered parachute canopy wing and take off with enough fuel to fly 2.5 hours.

fighting or flighting, it only makes matters worse and matters will catch up, you can be sure about that.

and this: 'don't leave earth without it'

Proof you can buy anything on the Web: Worried about getting abducted by aliens, then getting lost in the universe? Now your worries are over. These ALIEN ABDUCTION DOG TAGS clearly communicate the location of earth, so friendly little green men can give you a ride home -- even if they don't speak English!

one of 14 comments at the engadget site:

Doctor Masahiro Mori's uncanny valley and its environs are fascinating terrain, offering an elegant and captivating explanation for the foundations of human ideals of beauty and ugliness. Their implications for the author, filmmaker, and artist reach far beyond the original focus of industrial design, yet include it as well, and they provide all manner of creators with signposts, aiding in the effort to achieve just the right impression for a character and to avoid missteps that could put off an audience. Last of all, others might find it just as useful, opening still more doors on as yet unknowable possibilities. O

Mori, Masahiro. The Buddha in the Robot. Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1982; ISBN 4333010020.

Reichardt, Jasia. Robots: Fact, Fiction, and Prediction. Penguin Books, 1978; ISBN 0 14 00.4938 X. While badly dated and rife with the faint sound of axes grinding, this book does contain an excellent summation of Dr. Mori's "uncanny valley".

Boyce, Christopher. Extraterrestrial Encounter: a Personal Perspective. Publisher unknown, 1979. Nearly all the text of this book has been published on the Web by the author.

Diversity Training

Building Detail and Variety into Fictional Societies and Cultures

Written by Dave Bryant from notes compiled by Baron Engel and Christina "Smudge" Hanson

In the real world today there are six billion human beings in some two hundred nations, speaking ten thousand languages and practicing hundreds if not thousands of religions. At the dawn of recorded history there may have been a hundred thousand languages and tens of thousands of religions; linguists fear that languages are becoming extinct at a faster per-capita rate than animal species.

http://edge.channel4.com/..robot.wmv footage

http://rebenson.blogspot.com interesting site on the right wing in Japan + lots and lots of sight seeing pictures


Steven Robinson wrote: But don't the competitors in Germany and Japan have high labor costs as well? Isn't Mercedes owned Chrysler doing better than the big two? SR ------------- The Europeans have also been losing market share to the Asian producers, and have used the threat of relocating production in East Europe and elsewhere to pry concessions from their workers.

But if things haven't deteriorated as quickly as in the US, I'd guess it's
because a) the European companies don't have the additonal burden
of rapidly escalating health care costs to contend with and b) the labour and bankruptcy laws make it more difficult for the firms to use their courts and regulatory bodies to gut collective agreements - powerful leverage in the hands of US corps.

theglobeandmail.com/..ional/ Systemic coverup alleged by 2002 friendly-fire pilot (Toronto)

cddc.vt.edu/host/weishaus/ really odd person's pages
pointed to by northanger /Adam/ looks pretty good

Usenet access with 2 flavours of coloured background
however, only 3 (unmoderated) newsgroups available
alt.flame --- alt.politics 44 --- alt.religion

latest: tripod has nixed my liecause site; guess they done one of
them footfall jobbies, a Balkenende visits Bush 'to get a white
foot' type thing (expression in dutch meaning to lick a superior's
boot, in this case their owner lycos' in whose pockets they must be
well deeper than i hoped.

are they all out to get me to radicalize and start physically
attacking war mongerers?
p | 10.29.05 - 4:09 pm | #

Nick is threatening to kill trolls and adds this in the tangents:

Anyone leaping on this as an excuse for a crackdown on piet, at
least try to recognize the difference between piet's predominantly
incomprehensible but generally good-natured babble and the
malignant snark of trolls.
Piet - watch it! I'm not going to be able to protect you forever.
Please try to keep weird off-topic stuff in the Tangents box.

Nick | 10.29.05 - 11:32 am | #

suspect "good-natured"=doesn't disagree with nick.
So can we assume the new cull regime makes Hyperstition de jure as
well as de facto "Nick's neocon linx'n'chat page" then?

ex-well-wisher | 10.29.05 - 12:57 pm | #

ex-well-wisher - sure piet will be thrilled to be
classified as "doesn't disagree with nick" - ditto Infinite Thought
(a very welcome if occasional contributor) and others. Actually you
know this already. Trolling has nothing to do with perspective,
it's a matter of (vacuous snarky) attitude.
Note that you're still here, even though you're an obvious troll.
Right wingers are nice like that.
Nick | 10.29.05 - 1:05 pm | #

Trolls of All Countries, Unite!
Ubertroll | 10.29.05 - 4:23 pm | #

>Note that you're still here, even though you're an
>obvious troll. Right wingers are nice like that.

Reminds me of T.Blair's classic non-reality-based-community
(=hyperstitional) rejoinder to antiwar protestors : see how lucky
you are to be allowed to protest?
I suspect that, much as the continued existence of the "democratic"
right to protest has more to do with the relative
difficulty/inconvenience of imposing a police state, your rightwing
"niceness" in "allowing" me to still be here has more to do with
the fact that you don't know how to delete haloscan comments. But
I'm sure your friends at the Economist thought it was a really kewl
putdown anyhow.

ex-well-wisher | 10.29.05 - 5:54 pm | #

martin crane/ ex-well-wisher
"pop-sci positivism + reactionary grandstanding"
"non-reality-based-community (=hyperstitional)"

Seriously, if you are not making a cheap throwaway remark, what is
the alternative to popular science? Snotty-exclusive science? Is
Darwin's 'The Origin of the Species' pop-sci? What about Drexler's
'Nanosystems'? I'd love to hear your coherent arguments against
Dawkins, Pinker, Diamond and Kurzweil, not just one word leftoid
catchphrases. (That would require some reading and thinking, by the

Reactionary? Seeing as the left is fundamentally opposed to
economic development, and does all it can to put the spanner in the
works of scientific development, who is reactionary? Or are you
going to tell me that Islamarxism is a libidinally explosive,
overwhelmingly positive hybrid meme?

As for non-reality-based, even half-arsed marxists who've read a
page or two of D&G know that reality is produced. I mean come on...

sd | 10.29.05 - 6:49 pm | #

"Or are you going to tell me that Islamarxism is a
libidinally explosive, overwhelmingly positive hybrid meme?" ---

they do a lousy job when it comes to voluntarizing violence
(absolute req to free the rest so they can start doing stuff right
for a change) but they are . . eh .. . privatizing it quite a bit
(more in practice than as policy but hey, capitalism never pulls up
it's nose for taxes related ventures, one might even argue that
they got their biggest breaks that way).

p | 10.29.05 - 8:13 pm | #

"I rejoice that we live in a blogosphere where peaceful trolling is
a natural part of our democratic process." (15/02/2003)

tb | 10.29.05 - 8:29 pm | #

You just lost one 'non-troll' member of your audience by this
shoot-to-kill-troll policy. I hope you're happy.

anonymous musician | 10.29.05 - 8:33 pm | #

"anonymous musician" LOL
billy gnosis | Homepage | 10.30.05 - 3:14 am | #

oh by the way, forgot to mention Balkenende (prime minister of
holland from a christian coalition) was layed up for months
(hospitalized, out of commision) after that (white house) visit due
to some dangerous infection. --- ps (the 31st) and then I forgot to mention it was in his foot

piet | Homepage | 10.30.05 - 8:10 am | #

Anyone wanting to make substantive criticisms of anything on this blog - including this policy - is extremely welcome to do so.
> Posted by: nick at October 30, 2005 02:55 AM (006715.html)

> scapegoating is just a means to an end in a bare-knuckle ideological struggle - designed to discredit and deride reactionary memeplexes>
> Posted by: Nick at October 27, 2005 11:25 AM -(006691)

Thank God for honest brokers, eh?
Everyone Else | Homepage | 10.30.05 - 11:28 am | #

great cue!!

hilarious stuff on scape goating at www.googlewhack.com
I'll pitch in a soon to be shortlived one to get u started there:
'lonely websitebuilder' .. . unless they don't allow this a a two
term/word expression

website builder as 2: 1.670.000
websitebuilder as 1: 39.800

here's a narrower margin, almost a tie:
site builder: 2.630.000
sitebuilder: 2.100.000
probably cause they are both considered wrong and disqualified, at
least till they tally up more common usage.

web designer: 10.300.000
webdesigner: 2.000.000

certainly no wonder the gap widens when trying to equate not just
separation by space but by state (known to toe the line increasing
amounts of digits behind the comma:

stateterrorims: 518
state terrorism: 456.000
terrorism: 127.000.000

it would be fun to do this last one in different languages

piet | Homepage | 10.30.05 - 1:42 pm | #

http://girlscientist.blogspot.com/ Living the Scientific Life
"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our
wits to grow sharper." — Eden Phillpotts.
---- about birds a lot by a NYC broad adj. prof.

Doug forwarded: project-syndicate.org/commentary/sinn6/English >
> > Germany's Pathological Export Boom Hans-Werner Sinn

Ah, Eurolibs . This is like shooting fish in a barrel. Well, here goes...

> But Germany is gradually becoming a bazaar economy in a different
> sense, because nowadays it specializes in packaging and selling
its products

Nonsense. It also specializes in designing and inventing products.
Infineon, STM, Daimler and SAP are world-class companies, at the
forefronts of their tech and markets. Munich, where Sinn is based,
is crawling with high tech firms.

> To assess whether excessive specialization has occurred in
Germany, we must focus on the labor market, for it is here that the effect
of specialization is most visible.

Labor market changes are slow and messy, and occur over time, not
like stock prices or FDI. German labor markets are still suffering from
the demolition of eastern Germany's industrial base from 1990-1994.

> In fact, since the fall of communism, the percentage decline in
> German industrial employment has been larger than in any other
OECD country.

An artifact of the collapse of the East, where 40% of the workforce
officially worked in industry.

> To remain price competitive, they have had to rely on imported components.

The evidence for this is very thin. Most imports are coming from
other industrialized countries, or relatively high-wage, high-skill
places like the Czech Republic.

> The manufacture of electrical products, such as chips and passive
> devices, has quite often been shifted completely to Asia, while
> even automobiles that are still assembled in Germany rely heavily
> on components produced in Eastern Europe.

Those aren't exactly low-wage sweatshops. They're highly
industrialized members of the EU, with topnotch infrastructure, educational
systems, etc. Design and R & D still takes place at home.

> At bottom, the coincidence of unemployment and booming exports can be explained by the high and rigid wages from which Germany still suffers.

You have to love the capitalist mindset. In a boom? Oh, those pesky
wages are holding back growth. Slash 'em! In a bust? Obviously the fault
of those no-account, shiftless proles, sitting around and drinking
beer all day. Not like expensive economists with secure service jobs who've
never worked a day in their lives...

> Excessive wages destroy the labor-intensive upstream product stages too fast and also impairs other labor-intensive sectors like textiles, simple services, tourism, and construction.

Since when is tourism a simple service? Museums, galleries, boutiques, advanced transport systems -- all pretty high-tech. More to the point, Germany can afford high wages, because it also has some of the highest productivity levels in the world.

> But, while these sectors therefore grow especially fast, their high capital intensity means that they cannot fully employ the released labor, with the result that some of the unemployed workers have nowhere to turn but the welfare state.

Switzerland does it. Japan does it. Germany did it for most of the post-WW
II period, before it fell under the spell of Euromonetarism.

> At the same time, since returns to capital are kept low by high wages, very little investment occurs.

Germany has traditionally had higher rates of investment than the US, despite those higher wages. Japan: high rates of investment, low returns to capital. Which is more important - a functioning industrial base, or fatcat rentiers? -- DRR

about 900 hits evenly divided between users and groups but I
wouldn't expect a whole lot of the therefore all the more sorely
missed material

livejournal.com/community/rainbow_people/ family news but not much, frontpage fits everything back to aug 04 -- latest entry there is by an active user: users/00no_capitalism/ (white page alert .. . but he does link to a colourful gallery (with barterfair images): vivid-eye.com/images/lj/ocf/index.html --- this (first) one is nice:
/image1.html click the button to last pic to see a painted up vw bus/van

/the_treehouse/ odd ball place but at least it's busy though little to do with treehouses (at
least the last few days)

7 tree related flopped communities:
/fruittrees/ (ugly and quiet)
/tree_sitters/ (nice colour but font too small and folks fucked up)
/to_the_woods/ jun 2003 started of so well but .. . .)
/tree_thinking/ (jan 2003)
/greenscape/ (july 2003)
/treelore/ (july 2003 - standard ugly presentation but pretty informative; the initiatorseems to have moved onto: myspace.com/darkleaves 219 friends there, and: technogypsie.com/ ((that beautiful gypsy wagon is there still/again on a black background)), it says:
"Technogypsie.com will soon be a database for research, photographic journaling, and traditional crafts merged with modern design." .. . .looks like the oregon fair has an offshoot mating market: faerieworlds.com/ )

livejournal.com/interests.bml?int=treehouses 28 groups and 442 individual sites

/greenanarchy/ (this one covers nearly half a year on the frontpage)

/wehearttrees/ (back in may a young activist who cross posted a petition to 8 greenish groups: /wehearttrees/8924.html)


Hello! You've just reached the Internet's 3 Variable Funny Test.
Written by me, J.B., aka "jason_bateman".

Ever since my Would You Have Been a Nazi Test got mention in
Newsweek and USA Today, I've been looking for new friends.

This test will measure your type of humor. It won't tell you if you
are, in fact, funny. I'd like to believe you are, but who am I to
say? I am not judgemental, assuming there's nothing about you that
needs judging.

----- the 3 dimensional graph would be a perfect many mansioned
home for theo van gogh; he would call this whole clump of squares
his home and flash from on quadrant to the other in no time flat;
always hospitable to muslims .. .alas, they didn't want to live
with, but rather, instead of him. Blow it up and let the ensuing
greenhouse effect help the deserts 'grow', overtake and once again
envelop them, Hence, they are more suited to do the terrorism test:
via (big) white on black
livejournal.com/users/al_aaraaf/ who's interests include
trees and tarot; he's an artist with a much eye friendlier previous
page here: http://www.melodramatic.com/users/analyzethis06 last post there in april 05

community/ecologists/ this one is doing ok (white on dark green)

/photogrove/ darktones backdrop for scenery photography

http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ funny revealing postcards

pogrom meme: Posted by Chris Bertram

elcappuccino.ch schon erstaunlich wie beharrlich du dein system ausbaust; erinnert mich an andere und mit dir ausser buchstaben und verse zaehlerei nichts zu tun habenden wie Dolf Boek, Bassam Jarrar, Jose Arguelles, 'numogrammarians' at hyperstition and their practitioners like northanger (putting up ephemerides for all
asteroids). Oder haben die doch was mit deine Arbeit aus zu stehen? Wie erklaerst du dass alle oben genannten Leute angeben exact zu arbeiten und es kommt einfach zu kein Vergleich un harmonierung?

---------109kind wrote: "Please Mr. Piet, can you elaborate more on the
reasons why this can end being transformed into a cult? thank you all"

--------- I go: it's not a matter of 'why this', and for that matter it is not a matter of 'why that' nor of 'why the other' either.

Anything, as in a script or game, including their buzzword gloss can stop being playful, start resisting change and turn from forms of exuberance and sharing of abundance into routines and professions that active go out to recruit and after assimilable prey, hence turn into cult/culture
(that's a matter of size not

Everything that blends and all adaptations which typify immersion in and moving with masses
(.. oh .. you call it synchronizing . . .. dontcha?), all tricks that up crowd density, create team spirit, all flashy and awesome excuses to play-act bonding and contractual contact can have this effect (giving up on keeping critical
faculties sharp which is by many considered too burdensome plodding and puzzling comes with the illusion of voluntarization, is illusory voluntarization)

In general one can observe that the less a culticultural practice can be called sustainable the greater their willingness to commit violence and we all know the maya and islam
(was and is respectively), plenny capable of that.

Jose Arguelles has gathered a cult around himself by indulging the need for furtive flighty and fabulous art and decoration an audience, mostly immersed in the money cult feels and wants filled in their free time.

Besides that is fishing in the rainbow family pool which makes him immediate competition for me cause I've had my own ideas of how rainbow can develop
(and they are diametrically opposite his as far as his and that of those like him ((Dolf Boek, Andreas Szabo, Northanger, etcetera)) indulge in counting letters words and verses in holy book in search for astronomical cues and clues).

And who knows he will have another contender in Mel Gibson soon (article found via a subsidiary of the gawker.com):
*The director gives details on his film ''Apocalypto," on the ancient civilization.-- Mel Gibson's latest passion: Maya culture ----- By Reed Johnson, Times Staff Writer

Homo Sapiens Ludditus, Homo Cyberneticus, Homo Hybridus, and Homo Machinus - a tachi post pointing to ~ian.pearson/web/future/evolution.rtf which he claims follows and buys into the stupendously stupid and plain impossible sf scenarios like the accelerando book is hawking ---- tangents: billy your site don't work man .. .but thanks for that link; it's an exceptionally beautiful and valuable site ------ I have a feeling you are only pretending to be one of the pathological nurturance, motherhood and plain soil haters here

harking back to one of the last few items:
A Separate Peace
28th October 2005, 4:34 pm by Jason Godesky

Peggy Noonan's editorial in the Wall Street Journal is very
disturbing, indeed; not because she reveals anything new, but the
fact that this is Peggy Noonan, writing in the editorial pages of
the Wall Street Journal. In the piece, we see Noonan trying
desperately to grasp intuitively towards the very same point that
Tainter drives home so precisely in The Collapse of Complex
Societies. Noonan's seeing that investments in complexity simply
aren't yielding the same results they used to, and that the world
has become so complex it's unmanageable.

Read the full post (431 words, estimated 1:43 mins reading time)
collapse, complexity, elites, investment, peggy noonan
Posted in Collapse | 33 Comments »

http://martiananthropologist.blogspot.com/ "The inhabitants of the
earth are of two sorts: Those with brains, but no religion, And
those with religion, but no brains." ~ Abu'l-`Ala' al-Ma`arri, died
1057, poet of Ma`arra, quoted in Amin Maalouf's book The Crusades
Through Arab Eyes

http://anthropik.com/2005/10/no-one-dies-for-religion/ 56 comments
complexity/ 50 comments

2 articles on Hobbes without comments

new piece in Buchanan's rag plus blog posts by Yglesias, Billmon, and Jane Hamsher make a nice neat package of the notion that the Plame outing was motivated by a need to cover up a much more serious scandal -- complicity in the forgery of the Niger "uranium" documents. Cast of characters includes neo-cons Doug Feith, Michael Ledeen, the VP, and the Berlusconi govt. Wouldn't it be nice for all of them to go down at once. Here are the links:

when are we gonna learn?????? You wanna be a functionary, diplomat, member of government, minister or higher? Higher meaning worse as it stands without the following clause: OK, then you must consent to be 100% on cameras which will observe you as unobtrusively as possible.

next in thread (in part):
And FWIW, the La Repubblica series seems pretty clear that the one thing they didn't actually do is physically forge the documents. They just made everyone accept them as true. But that we know.

On the other hand, I think it does all speak to motivation -- to why Libby made such transparent lies. And that could conceivably contribute to catching several of the big fish you named in the net of a conspiracy to obstruct justice. MP (not the one I link to a lot already

http://blog.pulpculture.org/2005/10/31/fun-sex/ the bitch has an amazon wishlist six pages long including housecleaning items of which amazon lists a single one ....looks like she's amazon whacking --- i POSTED: Are you the first person in the world to hold a yardsale via amazon (do you have to first sell through them before
they allow you a 'wishlist'?; enjoy your monopoly while it lasts; talking of which, recent search for a google whack relates to the webworker books you like to see a return on:

as for high on hogness; I cleaned out their pens when I was 10 on sat. morn (also bathing day of the week).

Plus!! There's a new asterix out!!!!!! It's called the secret weapon

Worthless bitch ---- I'm a totally worthless bitch some days. According to Technorati, I'm a completely worthless Bitch every single day! And it's all your fault!------ don't trust that place I don't. Blogs that rank (blogflux) a 4 are still worth nothing if technorati (and the cute smile opp guy) don't like you.

I tried using technorati (mainly in searches for Ward Churchill) and run into anything from juvenilesque naive to calloused and assinine right wing sites.

another bitch link: mezzoblue.com/zengarden/alldesigns/




Off topic but have to capture this link:
Fantastic article by Amir Taheri on strategic thinking in today's Iran. It has everything; games theory, inverse Anglosphere ideology, Iranian Nietzscheanism ...

Nick | 11.01.05 - 12:34 pm | #

the latest additions are just above this line.

compost warning 05.Nov.2005 05:20

check it out

This article is almost entirely incomprehensible.