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american death toll figures misrepresentative of the truth?

I am writing in hopes to get a confirmation of whether or not it is true that the death toll reported by the US corporate owned media only accounts for soldiers who die on Iraqi soil during combat. This would disinclude those who die in transit to medical attention facilities, those who die later from complications and those who die accidentally.
For the sake of this writing i will assume this is true. I think that maybe if the media did their job by reporting the ACTUAL death toll the mindless masses of complacent Americans might be a little more inclined to stand up and voice true opposition to the war(excuse me,"Fight For Iraq?!". it is appalling that it is seldomly reported that there are 100,000 plus dead Iraqis and many Americans are only upset by the 2,033, the reported figure at the time if this writing, dead Americans. A number which I am led to believe is considerably low due to the absurdity of the qualifications for a dead soldier making that list. So, anyway my sincere aplogies for the rant, and back to my original intent, could someone please verify whether or not it is true that only soldiers who die in combat on Iraqi soil are included in the death toll? Thanks
Injured soldiers flown out of Iraq so they die elsewhere 04.Nov.2005 03:29


I have read in alternative media that soldiers injured in Iraq are flown to military hospitals in France and elsewhere so that when they die, the death is not included in the total for soldiers killed in Iraq. Obviously this is just one more misrepresentation by the Bush regime, but we do need more solid info about it.

Goebbels' rule of thumb 04.Nov.2005 13:18


Lots of research has gone into figuring out how far one can over/under report war or other data without becoming totally unbelieveable. Roughly, I recall, a factor of 3 is the magic number. You may spend an afternoon on the internet to dig out this research.

So, if they are reporting 2000, you can bet your farm that the true number is more like 6000. You just have to admire their creativity in finding ways to hide the dead, press's complicity, and public's gullibility.

refer to most recent US Military Fatalities on Portland IMC 23.Oct.2005 01:22 04.Nov.2005 14:09



'official' Pentagon fatality figures ___do not___ take into account the US soldiers who have died en route to Germany, or stateside via Dover AFB, for hospital treatment, immediately after being evacuated (for serious or mortal injuries) from Iraq or Afghanistan.

i don't know 05.Nov.2005 05:17

and probably you don't either

The establishment is aware that this meme is going around, and is denying it occasionally. Apparently some of the soldiers and marines listed as official Iraq casualties list a place of death outside Iraq.

But who the hell knows what the truth is. They don't HAVE to tell us anything real AT ALL.