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Buy Nothing Day ~ TARGET WAL-MART

The Buy Nothing Day holiday (BND) has caught on somewhat and may very
well be one of the best vehicles we have in terms of getting to a
healthier, happier, saner, sustainable way of life. With that in mind
the following is a collection of ideas about what we can do to make
BND more effective by bringing it to America's largest corporate
retailer known as WalMart. If you are down with these ideas (and want
to make them more effective) please repost and forward this article by
email and/or conventional post.
Buy Nothing Day ~ TARGET WAL-MART

The day after Thanksgiving...

Show up at your local Wal-Mart, bright and early with your friends,
and start filling carts with the most desired consumer "goods" (small
toys and expensive trinkets are ideal since all this stuff will have
to be re-shelved) -- try not to break anything. If you don's simply
abandon the carts before moving on to the next store, you might
realize that you forgot your wallet after everything has been rung up
(ideally at the busiest hours -- say at 11am and 5pm).
Do not piss in the dressing rooms or leave anti-consumerism agitprop
around the stores. Whatever you do, do not try to monopolize employee
time on the sale floor or on the phone (time is money and employees
are a consumer convenience) and certainly don't bring a stopwatch to
make a game of that activity. Breaking glass or leaving nails in the
parking lot would be going too far. Try to have fun on BND but don't
try to create as much of an inconvenient hassle as is humanly/heavenly
possible. Remember, your not trying to change the world with
collective effort. Don't repeat these activities throughout the
holiday shopping season after the BND holiday and, whatever you do,
don't get caught if you break any of these rules. Take care and have


homepage: homepage: http:// www.adbusters.org/metas/eco/bnd

Another idea 04.Nov.2005 02:45

Lucid Apparition

I'm thinking about throwing a retail store karaoke party.

Just bring a cd with your favorite songs on it.
Go to the electronics section.
Pop in the tunes.
And sing and dance the day away, while encouraging others to stop shopping and DANCE!

We must do more. 04.Nov.2005 04:45


I don't think we want to focus our actions on inconveniencing the employees as they have little choice but to grab at the straws our corporate economy offers them (ok, they DO have a choice, but it is one so repressed and forgotten as if to not exist). We should bloc customers from pushing their shopping carts full of exploited labor produced products out the doors and we should announce what it is we are doing and exactly why we are doing it. At the same time we should set up shop outside the walmart to sell locally grown foodstuffs and locally made crafts to show an alternative to corporate controlled consumption. And yeah, there should definitely be a dance party. Shutting down a walmart makes a more concise statement than shutting down car traffic and specifically targets the economic and monoculture entities we are opposed to. We could also call on the employees to unionize and pass out subversive literature. Sure, if walmart ended up being controlled by one big authoritarian union that would suck, but it would still be better than it being controlled by a family of billionaires. Get organizing now!

so.... 04.Nov.2005 06:37


so what about targeting one wallmart? any suggestions?

Why just one "Buy Nothing Day"? 04.Nov.2005 09:05


Why not keep it up until Christmas-call it "Buy Nothing Month"! This period of time is what "makes or breaks" corporate retailers. I say let's BREAK THEM-buy nothing from Wal-Mart and other major retailers until after Christmas(preferrably NEVER). This will have maximume economic impact on the ruling elites.

Books From Laughing Horse 04.Nov.2005 11:19

Den Mark, Vancouver

Books from Laughing Horse Books would be cool gifts, supporting that collective, as well as radical publishing houses. SE Division, a few blocks west of 39th.

Here's an email list 04.Nov.2005 15:55

BuyNothing Man YetiUprising@yahoo.com

If anyone wants to join an email list to plan out actions together email  bndatwalmart-subscribe@lists.riseup.net to get on the list. Er, this is my first time moderating a list so forgive me if something about it doesn't work! You can also email me at  YetiUprising@yahoo.com. I suggest others also create new anonymous email accounts for this list.

A mailing list is unnecessary and a security risk! 06.Nov.2005 15:27

Unified Independant Action

My first response to the idea about a mailing list was removed, but...
All I was saying was that an email list telling everyone your plans may not be such a good idea -- especially when, as far as anyone knows, the list is being maintained and promoted by Wal-Mart! The point isn't how or where eveyone is planning action but, rather, simply that everyone is planning to act.

Alternatives? 23.Nov.2005 00:31

Vote with your wallet (after BND) :)

I would love to provide a list of shopping alternatives for potential patrons of Wal-Mart etc., this is after all about making better decisions. Many people do not know where else to go or how to use their dollar as the ultimate vote, let's create change not simply guilt. I'm making a Portland area list and would love some recommendations of local/responsible stores.